Monday, May 15, 2006

Jane Rath's Conflict of Interest?

Actually, there are two. The first is that she calls herself a Republican, then hikes your taxes every year. Just be honest and make the switch, Jane - you'd get along well with Rendell and his ilk.

The second one is far more sinister - if it were true. It is just a theory. Of course, it would be very hard to prove. There is a great problem in Pennsylvania with property taxes. Hundreds (if not thousands) are losing their homes each year because of rampant tax hikes. My wife's uncle lost his home. School boards (especially in Grove City) are guilty for raising taxes year after year. Jane Rath is the president of the GC board.

Mrs. Rath also sells houses for Grove City Realty - a fine organization, through which I purchased my house. I do not know how successful Rath is in her trade, but I do know that GCR has their signs in front of most of the houses in the Grove City area.

As Rath continues to raise property taxes, people continue to lose their homes. As a result, Rath has more opportunities to sell more houses. She'll sell you a house, then tax you out of it, then sell it to someone else.

I would love to say that this conflict doesn't exist, but how can you be sure?


Kate Rath said...

Do you know her as a person?

You are making my mother seem like a manipulative bitch, which I'm not going to take. She is my hero, my best friend, and one of the most caring women that I know. What you've written really upsets me.

This blog is full of sweeping generalizations.

The first is that you blame taxes going up completely on her. She doesn't make all of the decisions alone.

It's also amusing to me that you are insinuating that she is on the school board and works at the realty at the same time because she is just trying to con people out of their money. She works hard for every sale she makes, she spends her own time and her own money and goes out of the way for her clients. She has too good of a heart to even think up a scheme like that.

On the same note, her position on the school board is completely voluntary. She also puts a lot of time into that, and gets nothing but criticism from people like you.

And who are you to say what her political persuasion is? She is a conservative. Just because she isn't as far right as you are doesn't mean she is a democrat.

If you want to do something for the families getting kicked out of their homes, why don't you run against her and get on school board yourself? Then maybe you'd think twice before publishing something that offensive.

Rich Talbert said...

Miss Rath,

Thank you for your comments; however, I hope you read my blog before writing your response. I am simply writing about a possible conflict of interest. I continually blame the board and administration for the tax hikes. Your mother chooses to be president, so she must accept the blame for what she shepherds through the board.

Answer this:
- Does the board raise taxes every year? YES
- Does Jane Rath vote for those hikes every year? YES
- Do those tax hikes force low income and elderly people out of homes? YES
- Does Jane Rath make a living selling homes? YES

I never said she raises taxes just to make a living - but the conflict of interest is plainly there. Your mother fails to direct the administration and board to live within a budget. Your mother raises taxes every year. Your mother's actions force people with low and fixed incomes out of their homes. As you enjoy that big house on Pine Street, ask yourself if you have any relatives who were forced out of houses by out-of-control school boards. I bet you haven't. I have, Miss Rath.

Conservatives don't raise taxes. Conservatives don't force people out of their homes. Your mother is no conservative. Who am I to say what her political persuasion is? I am a member of the public who year after year suffers under the "leadership" of your mother.

As far as my leadership, I am part of Grove City Borough Council - a political entity that can run an ENTIRE TOWN without raising taxes for over 23 years! Your mother can't even go one year without raising taxes. She is no conservative.

Your mother chooses the pubic life. If she became a school board member to be liked and have friends, then she's in the wrong business. She needs to learn to make tough decisions. Tax hikes are easy because board members count on voter apathy.

I hope your mother loses sleep every night thinking about the people she puts out on the street. If she doesn't, then that says something about her character - and it is far more offensive than anything I can ever say.

Anonymous said...

"Conservatives don't raise taxes"

Where have you been just look around the state and country what do you think the GOP has done lately from higher taxes to higher deficits. The fed's cut taxes the states raise it to make up the short fall one only needs to look at their paychecks. Instead of a redistribution of wealth we have a redistribution of fiscal obligations.

So you take credit for 23 years of no tax increases? How old are you? Have any new taxes been enacted in that time. How long have you served, you sound like a kid on the playground who did not get his way. Or the so called PERFECT CONSERVATIVE!!

Does your mother lose sleep knowing what she raised a RINO!!!!

Rich Talbert said... clearly are a liberal.

If you paid attention, you would have known that the Federal tax cuts have increased the money coming into the treasury - there is no shortfall. Ronald Reagan would be proud.

If you think Jane Rath is a conservative and I am a RINO, I feel sorry for you and all the money you wasted on your education. Probably the same education that is prompting the board to limit free speech. Some conservative move there....

I never claimed credit for the fabulous history of borough council - I'm simply honored to be part of such professionals.

What have we done lately? Well, the bids for downtown revitalization came in $700,000 too high, so we are working on ways to make up the shortfall. And tax hikes AREN'T ON THE TABLE!

Thank goodness there are ten adults (plus one heck of a mayor and borough manager) who are willing to look beyond the easy fix.