Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Victory in Pennsylvania!

Citizens across the commonwealth turned out yesterday to turn out several payjacking incumbants. While many outside the state view it as another primary election, the citizens of PA recognize it as historic.

According to the AP:
Sixty-one incumbents faced primary challenges Tuesday, the most since 1980. At least 14 were defeated, and six other races were too close to call early Wednesday.

Swept from office were the Senate's No. 1 Republican — President Pro Tempore Robert C. Jubelirer — and Majority Leader David J. Brightbill. It's the first time in more than 40 years that any Pennsylvania legislative leader was voted out of office.

Rush discussed the situation on his radio show today. He called it a revolution. It started in Virginia, then in North Carolina, then in Ohio, and now in Pennsylvania. Conservatives are taking back the party, one election at a time.

It's hard to beat an incumbant, but several were sent packing by qualified candidates who wish to see change in Harrisburg. It's been a long time since the entrenched politicians have realized that they were sent to serve, not to take, take, take.

Check GrassrootsPA for total coverage.

Congratulations to all of the successful challengers!

Congratulations to Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania! Want to help make a difference? Click on the YCOP link and find out how!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the voters of PA now stay focused and we can get the rest in November, here in PA & Washington. Watch out Ricky here we come.

Time for a true conservative not the me first mentality that we currently have in Pa and Washington.

Rich Talbert said...

Oddly, you seem to think that Casey is a conservative. He claims to be pro-life, yet supports "family planning" by groups like Planned Parenthood.

And Casey is clearly "me first" as he jumps job to job to further his political career. He rarely shows up to work - he's too busy campaigning.

Anonymous said...

Please! Stop the spin it's insulting and makes you sound like a fool.

Rick is anti-abortion he is not pro-life. Casey's is pro-lfe and his stance on family planning is not abortion and you know it, so does Rick.

As far as time on the job non-issue except to Rick. If that is such an issue then Ricks failure to live in the state he represents is a far larger issue then Casey's days at the office; note I said office not job. Billing PA for cyber education to the tune of $100,000! That my friend is the questionable ethics of Rick.

Casey also will show more restraint in containing the cost and size of gov't far more then Rick has shown the last 6 years. Voting for a 5 billion dollar tax break for the oil industry, what the hell was that about!

As a Catholic I also have major reservations concerning recent comments regarding Boston, man on dog, the theory of evolution and Terri Shavo. I believe Ben Franklin some ups my thoughts on Rick very well.

In one essay (speaking as Mrs. Dogood) Ben Franklin aimed a wounding dart at several civic authorities in Boston in the form of a question. He asked, "Whether a Commonwealth suffers more by hypocritical pretenders to religion or by the openly profane?" His response, "after some late thoughts" was to pick the religious hypocrite. The barb went deeper with " especially if he sustains a post in the government."

Rich Talbert said...

I love your spin, too.

"Family planning" has meant abortion rights for the last 30 years. Welcome to 2006.

The residency situation is a non-issue. Where do you think Casey is going to live? A senator represents the state in Washington DC, not Harrisburg.

As far as budgets - Casey will vote in line with his party masters, which will be for unparalleled government expansion. Tax breaks for Big Oil? Have you seen how over-taxed they are already? If you are a knee-jerk "oil companies are to blame for $3 gas" person, read some of my entries on that issue below.

Thank you - come again!

By the way - who is this?

Anonymous said...

"Party masters" sounds like you are talking about the current administration with Rick at 98% voting with Bush. I guess Rove does not need to push Rick to hard.

Talk about unparalled expansion it's happening right before our eyes and Rick won't say no, unless it has something to do with veteran's benefits or any social programs; take a look at what has happened the last six years. This would put Johnson's administration to shame.

I know how much oil is taxed and I did not complain; but at the gas pump my complaint and you did not hear this from me before is the regressive tax by state & the federal gov't. Now is not the time for a tax break to big oil with massive profits. Now if that money is only earmarked for refinery capacity then I would say yes but it was not.

Family planning; and if you opened your ears when it was discussed by Casey was not about abortion so please pay just a little more attention when one is speaking. By the way Casey is the only Pro-Life candidate in this race Rick is only anti-abortion so much for his Catholic background must of forgot Christ's new commandment: love the neighbor as thy self.

Residency is now and was an issue when I was voting for Rick in 1990, he made a pledge then to live in the state since his opponent did not. I am tired of Rick talking out of both sides of his mouth. He talks about ethics but can't practice what he preaches. $100,000 is an obscene amount when you consider that most PA schools are so under funded by the state, that's $100,000 out of local taxpayer's pockets.

Rick knows how to cut taxes but he can't and won't provide tax reform and he won't cut spending or say no to the pork the GOP & Dem's keep handing out. This is not someone who is fiscally responsible. I refuse to allow my son's and daughter's and grandson's and granddaughter's to pay for this administrations lack of self restraint.

I thought I did the right thing in 1990, foul me once shame on you, foul me twice shame on me. Not going to happen this time.