Thursday, May 11, 2006

WANTED for Theft of Taxpayer Money

They take and take without asking. They only spend half of the tax money inside the classroom. These are the fraudulent ones - the tax wasters.

Robert Post, Superintendent

Tom Bell, Asst. Superintendent

Valarie Phillips, Business Manager

Jane Rath, School Board President

Bob Montgomery, School Board Vice President

Lenny Clarke, School Board

Jim Crow, School Board

Barbara Hedegore, School Board

Susan Herman, School Board

David Rothman, School Board

Sue Schepp, School Board

Sharon Shipton, School Board


Anonymous said...

You hit that nail right on the head!

Anonymous said...

Upon going to vote today, I saw school board member Jim Crow (who does not live in my ward, by the way). Because I vote at a senior citizens' home, seeing Crow was ironic; how many seniors have been forced out of their homes--and into senior centers--by Crow and the rest of the GC School Board members' tax increases!

Rich Talbert said...

No doubt! It is a fact that seniors are losing their homes to high property taxes. The borough isn't raising them! The school board takes full ownership of that debacle.