Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Grove City School Board Raises Taxes Yet Again

Last night, the Grove City School Board raised taxes a full two mills. Under the direction of Board President Jane Rath, the tax hike went through with generous pay increases to administrators. Superintendent Bob Post saw his salary jump to $112,000 per year, while Assistant Superintendet Tom Bell saw an increase to $98,000 per year.

At a time when Grove City residents see an average yearly income of $35,000 per year, raising taxes to pay for generous salary hikes is deplorable. The school district only uses about half of the tax income on in-class expenditures, so this latest tax grab clearly isn't for the children. Shame on the liberal Grove City School Board!

Here's a gem of a quote from Rath (courtesy of the June 14, 2006 Allied News): "We gave raises to great employees tonight."

Doesn't that make you warm and fuzzy inside? They raised taxes so administrators can make even more. I have no problem with people trying to make more money (duh, that's capitalism!), but I have a problem when public servants get big hikes when the citizens clearly can't afford to pay them! Jane Rath and company obviously can't live within a budget when it comes to your money, but I bet her checkbook is in the black. If she tried living like she runs the school board, she'd be bouncing checks everywhere (or robbing banks to pay her debts). Either way, she'd be a felon.

Think about that the next time you see a school board member or administrator haugtily walking around the town...or motoring about in their Volvos.


Anonymous said...

By contrast, the Sharpsville School Board just decided that raising taxes by two mills meant that stipends for principals were unjustified.

According to the Sharon Herald, board prez Leonard Grandy and 5 other members voted against the stipends. “People accept the jobs that they’re hired for,” Grandy said. “We’re giving people a stipend and give people in the community a 2-mill increase? You’ll never hear it from me. That’s totally unjust.”

Of course, the tax increase is unjust in and of itself. But at least Sharpsville realizes what the GC board won't: you don't plead poormouth and take from the community and then give the money away to employees who make two to three times the average community member's yearly salary.

Check out the rest of the Herald article here


Anonymous said...

In a similar vein, two responsible Reynolds School Board members voted against next year's budget because of a 2-mill increase. According to the Herald: "Christopher Osborne and Ralph Ross said after the meeting they voted against the budget because they didn’t agree with the tax hike.

“The community as a whole needs a tax break,” Osborne said.

Ross said taxpayers are tired of increases year after year, noting the board has raised taxes by a few mills each year over the past few years.

“I get a lot of calls and people are concerned,” Ross said."

Have you ever heard anyone from the GC board express the least concern for taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

The community won't forget this. People like Clarke and Rath don't care about the working people, they only want to enrich Post and Tom Bell. The exclude the public when they can. I've had enough. Who is running next year?