Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mercer County Commissioner Michele Brooks Eyeing Wilt's Seat

Tip to The Herald (Sharon, PA):
Now that state Rep. Rod E. Wilt has announced he won’t seek re-election, the political maneuvering has begun to find his replacement on the ballot.

Less than a day after Wilt made it official Nov. 30 would be his last day in office in Harrisburg, Mercer County Commissioner Michele Brooks surfaced as a potential candidate and she was quick to acknowledge her interest in the position.

“I’m strongly considering putting my name in the hat for the nomination and looking forward to possibly serving the people of the 17th District and continuing to serve the public,” the Jamestown Republican said Wednesday.

The northern Mercer County-centered district stretches from Crawford to Lawrence County and includes Greenville, Jamestown, Sandy Lake, Reynolds and New Wilmington.

William Kirk, the Mercer County Republican Committee chairman, explained a committee will be appointed to select Wilt’s replacement on the ballot. Committees in all three counties are seeking resumés and letters of interest from Republicans who would like to be considered. The deadline is June 16.

Brooks has been woeful as a commish. She has made some truly bad decisions. She has consistently voted with the two democrat commissioners. She's not a conservative - not even close. She will never fill Wilt's shoes, but she will get his seat.

Brooks has the connections she needs. She's very close with State Senator (and fellow RINO) Bob Robbins. She's very close with Mercer County Treasurer Ginny Steese Richardson, who is deeply rooted in the area. If Brooks wants the seat, it will be hers. And District 17 will be worse off for it.


Anonymous said...

Now one would wonder why someone would be so certain Michele would be such a shoe-in? Ginny is a great lady in fact. Mr. Robbins on the other hand has had better days in his career. After flip flopping on the pay raise issue first stating it was the right thing to do and then back treading in his political propaganda claiming it was the wrong thing to do, does not make him a good ally. I feel there are some very good candidates for the position other than Michele. Don't be so certain anybody is a shoe-in.

Glenn Dosch
Mill Creek Twp
Republican committeeman

Rich Talbert said...

Glenn - thanks for the response.

In a perfect world, I would agree with your post. In reality, I simply can't. The truth is that I don't trust the PA Republican party. They're the fine bunch that has brought us:
- rubber-stamped Rendell budgets
- the payjacking
- business-killing increases in the min. wage
- property tax "reform" instead of property tax cuts
- gambling
- assorted other liberal programs

If Chairman Kirk has picked a group of conservatives, then I'll be comfortable - but he won't tell us who he picked!

Rich Talbert said...

Well, Glenn...I think a unanimous pick of Brooks is pretty much what I said would happen.

Anonymous said...

pssst...a little birdy will say...michelle's family is all democrats..the things that make u go hmmmmmmm.
You got to give her credit though...she compared waitin to hear if she got the nod with the stress of highschool final exams, she beat out some pretty tough competitors there with post highschool education...unlike herself. I say she has the election already wrapped up!

Rich Talbert said...

Bob Robbins needs a "yes man" who will vote the way he wants in the district. Wilt was far to conservative. Brooks is a fellow RINO.

Anonymous said...

Just forget about the whole thing and vote for Frank Weaver!

Glenn Dosch said...

Rich, you did in fact call the michele Brooks vote right on the nose. Being a committeeman I received various resumes of interested candidates. One gentleman in particular had an outstanding education and experience that would have possibly made him a fantastic candidate. I'm not sure what is really going on here but I plan to investigate. Do you attend Republican party meetings? I can't say that I have ever met you.

Glenn Dosch

Rich Talbert said...

I've gone to a few things...Ginny's re-election kickoff, the YR kickoff...

Ultimately, I'm out of the loop of county politics. It seems Grove City officials have a history of not being in the good graces of those "in charge."

I'm sure we'll meet up someday. I'm at the GC borough building every 3rd Monday at 7:30. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm from Jamestown and NOT a fan of Michele Brooks. She has no post high school education and he only qualification is that she was sponsored by Robbins to go to "Repulican leahdership school" in Harrisburg.They trained her how to say "yes". She couldn't get re-elected to the Jamestown Borough Council because people here do know her and know that she IS NOT QUALIFIED. She is very unorganized and has no I idea what to do except get her picture in the paper. She met the criteria the committee was looking for: young female and photogentic. This is NOT a time to vote straight party ticket! I went to her "website" that is in the paper- doesn't work yet- what leadership!

typo said...

Look for bill allen, who ran as a write in to run again as an independent democrat this summer against her. see his writings on