Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Rod Wilt Withdraws Name for Re-election!

The Herald (Sharon, PA) has this announcement:
State Rep. Rod E. Wilt, in a stunning announcement, has decided to withdraw his name from nomination for re-election in the November general election. The veteran legislator will fulfill the rest of his term, which ends on Nov. 30.

NEWS FLASH: I spoke with a representative from his office who noted that "[Wilt] is stepping down to spend more time with his family."

I got the chance to speak to Wilt this afternoon. He noted, "I've got ten years in (the legislature). It's time to move on." He reiterated his desire to shift his priorities and spend more time with his family. He also stated that he was fortunate to serve. Wilt said that he hopes to work to see another conservative take his place.

Wilt has been one of the staunch conservatives in the state legislature. He routinely aligns his votes with Dick Stevenson and Daryl Metcalfe to keep spending low and liberties unassailed.

Wilt represents the 17th District, covering parts of Crawford, Lawrence, and Mercer Counties. There was no news of his departure listed on his Web site.

Wilt has consistently earned high scores on the Commonwealth Foundation Liberty Index. On the most recent report card, Wilt placed seventh, earning an “A” for his score of 88.05. Metcalfe placed first with a 93.23 and Stevenson was ninth with a 77.62.

Most recently, Wilt has stepped forward to support the Marriage Protection Amendment, and he has called upon Governor Rendell to hire more PA State Troopers.

Stay tuned for more on this story....

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Anonymous said...

From the "You've Got to Be Kidding-" files, no sooner did Rod Wilt announce his resignation did Michele Brooks announce "interest" in the GOP nomination for Wilt's seat.

That's Mercer County Commissioner Michele Brooks. Of worst-board-of-county commissioners-ever fame. Increased taxes, crumbling county bridges, in-fighting, the Woodland Place loan scandal, Olivia Lazorism. THAT Michele Brooks.

If the GOP nominates Brooks, they'll be replacing Wilt's staunch conservatism with Brooks' tax-and-spend, Big Government policies.

Republicans in Mercer, Lawrence, and Crawford Counties should strongly oppose the nomination of Michele Brooks to the 17th District seat.