Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Surprise, Surprise - It's Brooks for Wilt's Seat

As it was widely known, Michele Brooks got the nod to replace Rod Wilt in the 17th district. Despite the secret committee, anyone who knows a smidge of Mercer County Republican politics knew that Brooks was going to be chosen.

As reported in The Herald (Sharon, PA):
Mrs. Brooks passed with flying colors as the committee, made up of 14 Republicans from Mercer, Crawford and Lawrence counties, unanimously picked her on the first ballot to be the Republican nominee in the fall.

Mrs. Brooks will face Lawrence County Democrat Frank Weaver.

Sure, the 17th district no longer has a conservative to represent them, but then again, Mercer County will no longer have a RINO Commissioner voting in lock step with the liberals on each issue. Maybe there is now hope for Mercer County - now we can push to have at least one conservative as commish.

EDIT: The Herald had this pic on their home page (and front of the paper) - the caption is mine:

Michele Brooks reacts to the news that she's getting a free car, free healthcare for life, free meals, a daily wad of "walking around money," a $60,000+ per year job, and the privilege of voting for her own raises.


Anonymous said...

One question that should be asked is if Mr. Wilt actually knew last year, as is widely rumored, that he would resign after the primary. Was Brooks tipped off? How about Mercer County Republican Committee Chairman Bill Kirk? It's convenient that one of commissioners from possibly the most criticized Mercer County Commissioners' Board of all time now will not have to face the wrath of the voters. Things that make you go 'hmmmmm' indeed.

Anonymous said...

Something else to ponder: why are the interviews for a state representative candidate "behind closed doors," as reported by the Herald? Under what circumstances should the public be excluded from such proceedings? This entire process smacks of insider politics at the best and back-door dealings at the worst. Has the Mercer County GOP been taking lessons from the Grove City School Board?

Rich Talbert said...

Hahaha...the GC school board would have never announced the meeting in advance. It would have been a totally secret meeting.