Friday, July 28, 2006

"World Trade Center" Movie

One quick question about the latest 9/11 movie: Why aren't the liberals screaming "too soon!" about this flick like they did with "Flight 93"?

Oh, that's's an Oliver Stone movie.

From what I have read, he actually avoided pushing politics in this movie. Perhaps the catcalls from Manhattan will be heard after some of the libs actually see the movie. I know the MoveOn crowd is going to hate it....

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Greenville School Board Axes Tax Hike; No Word From Grove City Board

Greenville school board showed some fiscal responsibility last night by repealing the slated tax increase for the upcoming school year. The latest PA budget had generous funding increases for schools, so the board felt it necessary to revisit the taxation issue.

From The Herald (Sharon, PA):
The board Wednesday adopted a revised version of the 2006-07 budget for the second time this year. Directors adopted the final budget in June, along with a 1.5-mill tax hike. That budget was revised from a preliminary budget with a proposed increase of 2.95 mills that the board adopted in February.


The board’s budget and finance committee recommended directors reopen the $16,207,386 budget and rescind the tax increase.


“A consensus was reached to provide relief to local taxpayers. This was an opportunity to utilize the state allocation to balance the budget and to offset the tax increase,” said Dennis Webber, who chairs the budget and finance committee.
Grove City area residents can now wonder if they will get the same treatment from their school board. Given that the administration continually tells residents that "we're due" for an increase, and that the board hasn't shown any fiscal responsibility in recent years, the residents shouldn't hold their breath.

Of course, miracles do happen (such as an upcoming election year), so residents have a slight hope. On the other hand, we're talking about the same board that raised taxes directly before the last election, fully aware that voter apathy would grant their re-election.

We'll see...and I'll keep you informed.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Montgomery House to be Razed

The charred remains of the house where Brandi Montgomery Dunn was killed will be demolished beginning July 24. The one-story ranch structure, owned by Brandi's parents was set ablaze in the early morning of January 14, 2006.

Both the prosecution and the defense have granted approval to complete the demolition permit, which is pending with Grove City Borough. Thomas Construction will handle the work.

Scott Dunn, Brandi's husband, is currently in jail without bond awaiting trial in the murder.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Grove City School Board Preparing to Hand Out up to $30M

During a Building and Grounds Committee meeting tonight, the school board announced that building a new middle school and athletic facilities "must be done." Without determining how to pay for them, Superintendent Robert Post outlined the damage to the taxpayer:

Middle School
- Will house grades 6-8 (Washington Kidnergarten Center would be retired)
- Complete construction within five years
- Cost: $18.5-22 million

Athletic Facilities
- Have field ready for 2007 academic year, starting construction by May
- Two possiblilities: Forker or new facility
- Revamp Forker Field; Cost: $850K-2 million
- Build new facility behind hilliew Elementary; Cost: $5.8 million

All told, the fleecing of the taxpayers can be nearly $30 million!

The board all agreed that they should act quickly in moving the projects ahead. They all agreed that the projects must be done.

Call me a skeptic, but why do we need the new projects? I ran track with some of the best runners in Pennsylvania - and they competed weekly on the Forker Field track. Sure it is the only cinder track left in the county, but it is still a solid surface.

A couple of years ago, the GCHS football team was the second best in the state - playing on Forker Field. Sure it gets muddy throughout the year, but isn't that football?

The middle school building was totally remodeled twenty years ago. It still looks great! The problem (with the administration) is that the building is decades old, so you naturally replace buildings that old, whether they need to be replaced or not. Each year, Dr. Post says, "we're due" for a tax hike - now he is saying it for buildings.

Once again, the district is not being fiscally prudent. We would love to have new buildings and new athletic facilities, but we simply can't afford them. The school board cannot live within a budget - they show this year after year when they vote to raise taxes. The citizens must live wthin their means - we can't steal from our neighbors to build new houses simply because we want one or "we're due."

*On a side note, thank goodness for blogs. This information was announced without any of the Old Media present. Now that you have the info, spread the word and stop the liberal school board!

Grove City School Board Tables Free Speech Restriction Policy

The Grove City School Board chose to table a controversial new policy that would drastically limit the free speech rights of citizens who attend Board meetings.

During the Educational Services Committee, chairwoman Sue Schepp announced that the policy would be tabled. President Jane Rath noted that it should be removed from the agenda for the regular board meeting.

This move is partially surprising, as the school board typically steamrolls over the will of the citizenry. One can only hope that they are feeling some pressure from the public and they will kill the policy.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Scott Dunn To Face Jury

From The Herald (Sharon, PA):
Scott A. Dunn will go to trial on charges of beating his wife Brandon “Brandi” C. Dunn to death and setting her body and parents’ Grove City home on fire to cover up the crime.

District Judge Lawrence Silvis held all charges against Dunn to court after a three-day preliminary hearing that wrapped up Wednesday in which a dozen people testified, including police and fire personnel, friends, a neighbor and Mrs. Dunn’s father, John C. Montgomery.

It is good to see this case moving on to a full trial. The PSP and GCPD did a good job of getting their ducks in a row before arresting Dunn. The preliminary hearing showed that. Good job to the EMS and fire crews, as well.

After the testimony, it will be interesting to see if Dunn seeks a plea. The DA has reserved the right to seek the death penalty. As smoothly as the preliminary hearing went, Dunn has to know that his goose is cooked. But he won't be the first fool to try to beat the system.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Grove City School Board Considers Limiting Free Speech, Part Two

Here's a great Butler Eagle letter to the editor from Jason Reeher (also posted as a comment under my previous Free Speech Attack entry):
GC 'notice' plan is wrong

If there is a way to limit free speech, the Grove City School Board will find it. A recent policy proposal would limit citizens' participation at board meetings, requiring a seven-day advance notice on the subject to be discussed. The intent of this outrageous policy is clear: the board is attempting to stem a swelling tide of public criticism.

This strategy of limiting public participation is not surprising. This is, after all, a school board that has over the last two years engaged in such acts as ignoring state audit recommendations, skirting the Sunshine Act and firing a good teacher for no apparent reason. The board also has the unpopular habit of raising taxes and cutting student programs to pay for administrative raises.

The seven-day notification of intent to speak at a public meeting is an assault on free speech rights. Residents have no idea what the school board will be addressing until we see the agenda for that evening's meeting.

The proposed policy would prevent any citizen from speaking against an agenda item. This is a crucial consideration: If you were to attend a board meeting and saw that the board was planning that evening to raise taxes or fire a teacher or reinstate districtwide corporal punishment, you would be permitted to say nothing.

Residents should be appalled.

Why is the school board requiring a seven-day advance notice of potential criticism? Can you imagine the Lincoln-Douglas debates under such a rule? "I'd love to address your concerns about slavery — can you give me a week and I'll get back to you?"

The Grove City board's proposal is a disgusting abuse of power and an affront to residents.

Obviously, board president Rath is trying to shield her fellow members from criticism before the next election. Why else have the policy? It has never been needed. Rarely do citizens even show up for the school board meetings. When they do show up and try to speak against board policy, the board members and administration become openly hostile. A couple members have broken into temper tantrums in the recent past. One member laughs at citizens' concerns.

The board has a lot for which to answer, but limiting free speech will only help fuel the opposition. 2007 should be fun....

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

It's July 4th, the day we declared our independence from the tyranny of the British monarchy. We fought hard, lost over 4000 brave men, and secured our little spot on the globe. Happy birthday, America!

Since then, many more have fought the good fight to secure our freedoms and to liberate allies all around the globe. Thank you to all the servicemen and women who have signed up and answered the call. Thank you to those brave souls who gave everything for the cause of freedom.