Sunday, July 09, 2006

Scott Dunn To Face Jury

From The Herald (Sharon, PA):
Scott A. Dunn will go to trial on charges of beating his wife Brandon “Brandi” C. Dunn to death and setting her body and parents’ Grove City home on fire to cover up the crime.

District Judge Lawrence Silvis held all charges against Dunn to court after a three-day preliminary hearing that wrapped up Wednesday in which a dozen people testified, including police and fire personnel, friends, a neighbor and Mrs. Dunn’s father, John C. Montgomery.

It is good to see this case moving on to a full trial. The PSP and GCPD did a good job of getting their ducks in a row before arresting Dunn. The preliminary hearing showed that. Good job to the EMS and fire crews, as well.

After the testimony, it will be interesting to see if Dunn seeks a plea. The DA has reserved the right to seek the death penalty. As smoothly as the preliminary hearing went, Dunn has to know that his goose is cooked. But he won't be the first fool to try to beat the system.

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