Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Grove City School Board to Fleece Residents for $2 Million for Untimely Field Upgrade

The Grove City Area School Board voted to upgrade tried-and-true Forker field during the Monday night meeting. The $2 million renovation will replace the football field and cinder track with artificial surfaces.

No word yet on how the district intends on paying for the changes, but given the "track" record of this board, tax increases are all but guaranteed.

Although many would like to see new facilities, the money simply isn't available. Besides, many track runners were born on the cinder track and the football team went to the state finals a couple seasons ago, playing on the grass surface. Isn't football supposed to be on grass, anyway?

This desire to upgrade the facility now comes on the heels of the administration and board complaining that there isn't enough state money in the budget, despite huge increases from Governor Rendell.

Recently, the board and administration cut programs at the middle school to direct money to administrative pay increases.

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