Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"Religion of Peace" on the Warpath...Again

The Pope quoted some centuries-old commentary about Islam being a violent religion. Muslims go bonkers, claim they are peaceful, then go about killing Christians and burning down non-Muslim buildings.

Then, to prove how peaceful they are, a Somali Islamic leader demands the Pope be killed.

Ahhh, can you feel the love?

Rush, Boortz, Quinn, et. al. have asked the right question: can you name a peaceful Muslim act in the recent past?

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Markus Watson said...

Hey, Rich! It's Markus! I was just thinking about you because I'm preaching on "the shoes of the gospel" in a week and I was remembering when that hellfire preacher came to SRU and you did your best to, uh, clarify for those who were listening to that guy.

Anyway, hope things are good for you! Interesting fact: I've got the same design template as you for my blog! Here's a link in case you care...