Tuesday, September 05, 2006

SantorumBlog.com Comments on National News Site

National conservative news site NewsMax.com picked up my comments for their feature article, Santorum Crushes Casey in Debate on the senate debate between Rick Santorum and Bob Casey, Jr. The debate was aired Sunday on Meet the Press, hosted by Tim Russert.
Writing at SantorumBlog, contributor Rich Talbert observed: "Casey was a dead stick when discussing Iraq ... was absolutely clueless about Social Security ... bombed with Catholics with the abortion pill ... dropped the ball on the pay raise ... but did a good job coming across as sophomoric and being awfully smug and sarcastic.”
The comments were lifted from dozens of entries about the debate on SantorumBlog.com.

Sure, I'm tooting my horn, but it's nice to see your work quoted in a national publication.

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PennPatriot said...


Congrats. Great debate take. I also liked your comments on GrassrootsPA. The anti Santorum rhetoric on there is very troubling.

I actually saw one comment that said 6 years of Casey would be better for the Republican Party in the long run. Now that radical.

Gee Whiz