Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Scott Dunn has Timeline Layout Arraignment

Brandi Dunn murder trial not to start until early 2007
Descision on death penalty to come "soon"

Hat tip to The Herald (Sharon, PA) :
Sheriff’s deputies brought Dunn, wearing prison orange and shackled at the wrists and ankles, into Judge Thomas R. Dobson’s courtroom Tuesday afternoon for a brief arraignment.

Mrs. Dunn’s parents, John “Court” and Debra Montgomery, were among the few people in the courtroom, aside from reporters and police.

Dobson laid out the charges and the timeline for the prosection to share evidence with the defense and file pre-trial motions.

The defense has 30 days to file certain motions, such as to suppress evidence, change venue or plead insanity. Given the volume of evidence in the case, McEwen said Dunn’s attorney will likely ask for an extension of the deadline and the county will grant it.

District Attorney James P. Epstein has said it is rare for venue changes to be granted by the county court.

McEwen said Dunn could enter a plea at any time, but Misko said it’s “way too early” to talk about a plea bargain.

Jury selection for Dunn’s trial could begin in January or February, Misko said, and McEwen said that estimate is realistic.

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