Thursday, November 23, 2006

Media Coverage of Grove City's Balanced Budgets

The Allied News covered Grove City's 25-year string of balanced budgets. It was picked up by sister paper The Herald (Sharon, PA):
Twenty-five years of not raising real estate taxes was celebrated by Grove City council earlier this week when members approved a tentative 2007 budget of $13,861,351, which will be supported by a 4-mill levy.


Vance Oakes, borough manager, was pleased with the budget.

Not raising property taxes in the borough for 25 years needed to be “pointed out,” he said. “I feel that’s a milestone.”

It’s Oakes’ first time putting together the budget for the borough after he left the borough manager’s position in Greenville earlier this year to replace Terence Farren in Grove City.

Ms. Cooney commended Oakes on his first Grove City budget. “I think you understand the conservative way this town operates,” she said.
Kudos to Vance Oakes, the department heads, and the finance committee for their hard work and cooperation for creating yet another balanced budget!

In an ironic twist, GC school board president Jane Rath was in the audience during the borough council meeting. She was there to praise the actions of the GC firefighters, who fought a fire at her residence, saving her house.

Anyway, Mrs. Rath chose to sit right in front of Oakes. Council members and Oakes began to discuss the budget and praise the effort of keeping the budget in line. I can only imagine how she felt sitting there hearing how one of the two political groups in town continually works to keep taxes low.

In other words, the other group continually works to raise taxes. Simply put, they don't work at all on behalf of the taxpayer. That group is the school board. Jane Rath's school board.

Get ready for the next election. Want to make a real difference? Run for the school board and be the difference.

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