Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mercer County gets a New Commissioner

Hat tip to The Herald (Sharon, PA):
Kenneth A. Seamans, 67, of Wilmington Township, was appointed by the county’s four judges Monday night to replace Michele Brooks as the county’s sole Republican commissioner...It’s the second time in five years Seamans has been tapped to finish the unexpired term of a commissioner.

He was also appointed by the judges in 2001 to complete the last two years of Brian W. Shipley’s term....
Seamans is eager to help out the county, which is a good thing. He didn't run for re-election the last time and has said that he doesn't plan on it this time.

The really good news is that the judges ignored the recommendation of the Mercer County GOP and their buddy-buddy system. Many people applied only through the GOP, effectively sealing their fates. The smart ones applied to the judges. The clever ones applied through both.

What this all means is that the field is going to be awfully crowded during the primary. Let the fun begin!

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