Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mercer County to get Republican Commissioner

Brooks' replacement to be decided by judges

Hat tip to The Herald (Sharon, PA):
State law requires county judges to name a replacement. Applicants must have been a registered Republican voter on Nov. 5, 2003 — the day Mrs. Brooks was elected — to be considered for the post. The new commissioner must be Republican to maintain the board’s current political makeup. The vacancy won’t be official until Mrs. Brooks resigns or joins the state legislature in January.

Fornelli said all four county judges, including Thomas R. Dobson, Christopher St. John and John C. Reed, will participate in choosing the new commissioner.

Fornelli said he’ll set a deadline for applications and set up an interview schedule. Fornelli said those interviews will be closed to the public.

Sadly, the public won't have a say in who replaces Brooks, much like the GOP party bosses blocked the public from knowing how Brooks was selected to replace retiring representative Rod Wilt.

The irony is that the Mercer County GOP bosses won't have a say in the selection. They are able to offer suggestions to the judges, but the judges, according to The Herald, do not have to follow that advice, nor are they likely to follow it.

The county is fortunate in that Brooks won election, so she will no longer be a commish - rubberstamping everything the Dems tell her. Unfortunately, in perfect Brooks fashion, she's backtracking from the word she gave the people.
Mrs. Brooks initially said Wednesday she planned to step down Nov. 30, ending her tenure as a commissioner almost three years into her four-year term. Later in the day she backed off the self-imposed deadline, saying she will serve in office as long as possible.
I'm sure the voters of the 17th are glad to have her....

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