Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam Found Guilty, Dems Depressed

The dictator at the top of Democrats' "love list" was found guilty of crimes against humanity today and sentenced to death by hanging.

Every person in the world with common sense is now thinking, "good riddance!"

Democrats are conflicted.

Do they say what is politically smart and rejoice at the verdict? Do they say what they want to say - something along the lines that Saddam was the best thing for Iraq and that Bush was unjust for doing this to him? Do they say what they are thinking, that Carl Rove told Iraq to end the trial right before the election to help the GOP? (Oh, yes - this excuse IS coming soon....)

Unfortunately for Dems, they have been on the wrong side of history for the entire Bush presidency. They focused on hating him instead of doing what was right. Going into Iraq was right. Getting Saddam was right. Sentincing him to death is right.

Instead of taking part of the American victory, they instead have to grumble and hope for the next American defeat. What a position to find oneself. They end up agreeing in principle with our enemies. You can take a quote from Al Qaida and match it perfectly with a quote from the Dem party.

The radical marxists from the 1960s want to take over Congress. Make no mistake about it - there is a lot at stake this election.

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