Monday, November 06, 2006

Swann vs. Rendell

It's no doubt that Lynn Swann's handlers have run one of the worst campaigns in PA history. It took forever for Swann to declare his candidacy. When he finally did, he didn't say anything about his beliefs. Once he finally started talking about specifics, it was far too late.

Conservative pundits called him a puppet of the PAGOP. They called him a sham candidate not worthy of the office.

It's a shame, too. Swann is a great guy and he'd make a great leader. His handlers screwed this one up big time. Especially against a guy like Ed Rendell - the man who has taxed anything he could. The man who brought us corrupt gambling - before gambling has even started in the state! The man who has dragged our state down further than any thought possible. The man who worked with Algore to deny the military vote in Florida in 2000. How could you not beat Rendell?

Don't take your frustrations out on Swann. Take them out on Rendell. He's clearly the target and unfit for office. Swann deserves your vote. He's conservative - fiscally and socially. He's a successful businessman, instead of a corrupt career politician.

If you want a breath of fresh air, Swann is your man.

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