Saturday, December 16, 2006

Consumer Upadate Part 2: Grove City Tires for Less

You may recall my previous rant about Grove City Tires for Less and their apparent bait-and-switch move.

It seems that they have finally heard about my blog posting. They gave me a call today and offered to show me exactly what's wrong with my car.

I declined.

The owner, Jack Emery, notified me that the problem is that my cam bolts (the special $80 bolts) are worn out - thus the need to drill out my struts.

Luckily, I know about cam bolts. Cam bolts have a special shaft or washer (depending on the design) that is eliptical - you turn the bolt a certain degree and the oblong shaft changes the position of the part. My Jeep has them on the lower control arms for alignment.

Mr. Emery insisted that my bolts are worn out - apparently steel doesn't last as long as it used to. It seems 2002 was too long ago. My Jeep (another DiamlerChrysler product) doesn't have that problem. And I put my Jeep through a heck of a lot more than my Neon. I remember my regular shop adjusting rear cam bolts before.

When I upgraded the suspension on my Jeep, I replaced the cam bolts. Guess what? They didn't cost $80.

In all fairness, I'm trying to dig into the situation online. I do not trust Grove City Tires for Less. I'll talk to dealer technicians first, then other mechanics, then enthusiasts. I'll even dig into the Neon Technical Service Manual.

And if I'm wrong, I'll correct the post. No problem.

Mr. Emery wanted me to remove my post. I declined. He threatened to turn it over to his lawyer. I informed him of my First Amendment protection. He didn't flinch - neither did I. So be it.

I'm entitled to my opinion. If he wants the post removed, does he think that I wouldn't tell everyone I know, anyway? Besides, nothing in my post amounts to libel. And there is no actual malice, a key component of libel. I am acting with truth and fair comment protection clauses.

He has every right to start a site and tell the world that I am wrong.


Jeremy Saylor said...

At least Tires for Less actually found the problems with your car.

I recently had my car inspected at L&M Tire in Grove City and they passed it no problem. I told them before that it was making a really bad noise when I turned to the left. They told me that there was nothing wrong with my car.

Two weeks later, I had a blown out tire and took it somewhere in Pittsburgh and they found that I had a spring in my wheel well that had been busted for quite some time. I could have been killed had the tire blown out going down the highway. I am blessed that it happened while my car was in my drive way.

All I am saying is that I would rather a place find too much wrong with my car and make it safe for me than go to a place like L&M and have them tell me that everything is ok (because they didn't know how to fix it I'm guessing) when it's not.

Rich Talbert said...

Thanks for your story and input.

I've only dealt with L&M once - and that was for emissions inspection. I would hope they would be able to spot a broken spring. Kinda scary.

Personally, I wouldn't be happy with any company that performs a misdiagnosis...whether missing something or making up something.

I found a good garage about 18 years ago...I try others now and then, but they always fall short. Some fall very, very short.

Anonymous said...

I was actually searching for Tire for Less phone # and this site was first.after reading this I am not taking the chance with them.

Rich Talbert said...

I highly recommend Sevin's Tire in Slippery Rock. I've been dealing with them for almost 20 years and they have always treated me fairly.

They do alignments, too. ;)

William said...

I'm saddened by the lack of trustworthy mechanics in this area (Grove City). I have to say though, my only experience with Tires for Less was actually a positive. Though the work was minor.

I had a tire ruined by an unfortunate run in with a curb, and went to Tires for Less to get it replaced. They quoted me a fair price that was significantly lower than other shops in the area and didn't have any hidden costs.

(A Few Thousand Miles Later)

I went in for a standard tire rotation. No "phantom problems" or extra work suggested. When I was handed back my keys, I asked how much. I was told it was free since one of the tires on the vehicle had come from there shop. After reading the two blog entries about them, I believe I'll get my tires rotated there again (but that's probably about it.)

My experience with Flynn's (Then L&M) is very similar to Mr. Saylor's above me. I took it in for an inspection. They found a legitimate hole in my exhaust pipe and quoted me a figure to replace the whole pipe. It was quite high. My inspection had not yet run out, so I declined the work to seek a second opinion (ended up just going to E&E Welding in Mercer.)

As I was driving to work later in the day, I lost nearly all my brake pressure. Turns out they had fractured my brake's master cylinder when they removed the wheel somehow. They denied fault and I had to get it fixed at their shop, for what I suspect was an exorbitant amount (though I am no mechanic, it may very well have been reasonable).

I'm troubled that they are either inept, and failed to notice the brake failure (they would have passed my vehicle on inspection if not for the exhaust) or malicious and looking to drum up work for themselves. I'm curious to know how the shop is fairing know that it is a Flynn's Tire.

grove city napa lazies said...

Very unsatisfied with grove city tires for less shop. They are very lazy and must not want any buisness. I pull in to get a tire rotation on my dodge truck and a possible oil change. Well it was on a saturday at about 1:15 pm, they told me they were not going to be able to do it. I looked in the shop that is plum empty with 2 guys inisde talking doing nothing, and 2 office personal doing about the same. I am from out of town staying at the motel acsoss the street and don't get much time off, plus sign said they don't close till 3:00 pm. Guess they figure 1hr 45 min ain't enough time to do this. Lazy Lazy Lazy!