Monday, December 18, 2006

Grove City Borough: 25 Years Without Tax Hike

Monday night, Grove City Borough Council unanimously passed the 2007 operating budget - the 25th in a row without an increase in taxes.

The property tax rate was held at 4 mills, which is the amount that some areas raise their taxes.

Of course, kudos goes to the finance and long-range planning committees for working with the borough employees to determine what the borough needs to run efficiently and effectively.

It is also important to mention the efforts of Borough Manager Vance Oakes. He came to the conservative stronghold of Grove City and made it better. His first budget is a very good one. Congrats!

On a personal note, this was my first budget as a councilman. The people on council take the process very seriously. A tax hike isn't allowed on the table. It's an honor to be with adults who are seriously concerned about the proper use of tax dollars.

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