Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Solution for Global Warming Found!

If you're a believer in global warming - the thought that man actually has the power to change the climate of the Earth, and that pollution is the worst in human history - then scientists have good news for you!

It seems that intellectuals have determined a small nuclear war would lead to a cooling down period for the Earth.
Using modern climate and population models, researchers estimated that a small-scale nuclear conflict between two warring nations would cause 3 million to 17 million immediate casualties and lead to a marked cooldown of the planet that could lead to crop failures and further misery.
This solution should please the global warming crowd and the overpopulation crowd. What a solution!

Of course, those of us who actually take time to use common sense recognize the silliness of this blog entry. I doubt anyone is advocating nuclear war to help the environment, but it does provide a great opportunity to discuss the lunacy that surrounds the environmentalist movement.

For decades, the anti-capitalist movement declared we were heading for a new ice age. Unfortunately, that theory didn't do much to stop industry. So, to further the anti-capitalist cause, they abandoned their beliefs to adopt the position that we were heading for global warming! Of course, this was brilliant - the media would push this without question and it would give environmentalists and governments the ammo they needed to stop global industrialization - particularly in the United States.

Here we are, two decades later, and every school child firmly believes the biggest threat to the world is global warming and the US economic engine. There are even tremendous amounts of college students who think the same thing.

Anyone can apply a little history, science, politics, and common sense and determine the threat of global warming. We know that the earth has historical trends of warming and cooling. We know that man - particularly Americans - have worked to make the environment cleaner than it has been in the last 200 years. We know that there are millions of people who hate the US and simultaneously feel guilty for everything that man (read: someone other than themselves) has done to the Earth.

We also know that we've drilled, mined, and nuked this planet hundreds of times over - with no effect to the Earth itself. It just smiles and keeps on spinning and lets us think we are significant enough to matter to its giant mass.

Of course we should be environmentally responsible, but to think we'll be the ones who destroy the planet is patently absurd.

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