Friday, January 19, 2007

Americans Understand Democrat Plan for America

In case you were wondering if America truly knew what the Democrats wanted for America, it seems the answer is "yes." Hat tip to

Dems Hope for Failure?
The latest FOX News Opinion Dynamics poll indicates almost half of those surveyed believe Democrats want the president's plan for Iraq to fail. 48 percent said they believe Democrats are hoping for failure and a U.S. troop withdrawal in defeat. 32 percent said they believe Democrats want the president's plan to work. The president's favorable rating was 38 percent in the latest poll — down five percent from October. But that was higher than the number for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who came in at 33 percent.

The confusing part is whether or not Americans care. After all, the Dems did ride into Washington telling voters that they wanted to cut and run. The big question is if Republicans want that same action, or did they sit at home for other reasons?

It is my contention that Republicans - specifically conservatives - stayed home during the last election because there are so few politicians in Washington that represent them. After spending like liberals for the last six years, the GOP came to the voters with the conservative song and dance. A lot of conservatives weren't going to believe it. Dems win.

Now we get what we "wanted." Those who didn't vote because of an issue or two let the Dems win the day with their anti-military message. Now they think they have a mandate to withdraw the troops (and ram through their liberal agenda).

President Bush isn't a fan of the veto. Let's hope he becomes a believer really soon.

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