Monday, January 22, 2007

The Media and "Diversity" in the NFL

Could the media be drooling over themselves more than they are? Two of the biggest news stories in the NFL are totally focused on race - not football!

After the Colts dispatched the Patriots, the announcers couldn't contain themselves. They focused on the fact that it will be the first Super Bowl where two black coaches will face each other.

Today, the Steelers are expected to name Mike Tomlin as their new head coach. What is the focus of the story? His race!

So what? The two Super Bowl coaches (Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith) are facing each other because they are great coaches and they have great teams. It makes no difference that they are black! It detracts from their success to focus on their race. They made it because they busted their tails to get there.

As for Tomlin, I'm still trying to find out if he's going to be a great coach. Every article tells me that he's black. As a Steelers fan, I want the best coach and I don't care what color he is! White, black, Asian...whatever - hire the best coach!

I imagine that Tomlin has great abilities - otherwise the Rooneys wouldn't have hired him. Heck, the Rooneys want to show the world that they are "diverse," but they want to win even more. I trust that Tomlin is the guy - I just wish the media would tell me why.

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