Sunday, January 07, 2007

Scott Dunn's Lawyer Seeks to Discard Statements to Police

Stephen Misko, the lawyer for accused killer Scott Dunn, has filed pretrial motions to exclude the statements made by his client. Dunn is suspected of brutally beating Brandi Montgomery Dunn to death and then setting fire to her parents' Grove City house with her body inside.

Hat tip to The Herald (Sharon, PA):

Misko asks the court to suppress statements Dunn made to Grove City and state police because he requested an attorney prior to, during and after making them.

“I have several witnesses who overheard him request counsel,” Misko said by phone Thursday. “It’s (the police’s) belief it was more of an inquiry than a statement. It was simply not granted. They wanted to interview him and they did.”

He is also asking the judge for a change of venue for his trial due to heavy media attention.

Misko said that because of the extensive media coverage of the case, he is worried that the jury pool in Mercer County could be polluted. He’s asking Common Pleas Court Judge Thomas Dobson to consider moving the trial to another county or to choose a jury from citizens in another area to hear the case.

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