Friday, February 23, 2007

Are You Ready for Primary '08?

The primary is around the corner and the time to pick up your petition is now!

It's a simple process - go to the county courthouse, stop at the election office, and tell them what position you want. They will hand you a petition. Take it home and have people in your district sign it (they must be of the same political party).

If you run for school board, you will want to cross-file. This simply means to register as both a Republican and a Democrat to obtain maximum votes.

And let's be honest - there is a real need for school board candidates in Grove City. The current crop has raised taxes each year for multiple years. This year, five of the nine seats are up for re-election. It's a perfect opportunity to see real change - positive change in the district.

You are needed!
- The taxpayers need you, for they have been fleeced for too long
- The teachers need you, for they have been harassed by the administration for too long
- The students need you, for their programs have been mismanaged and cut for too long

Get on board! If you need help, e-mail me - I'll gladly help!

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