Sunday, February 04, 2007

Liberals and Their Blame-America-First Attitude

CBS Evening News is starting a new feel-good news segment. Katie Couric is the one on the commercial that received a lot of airtime during the Super Bowl. In case anyone at CBS is wondering why their news programs are the worst rated in the industry, take note of how The Perky One starts the ad.
We hear a lot about what's wrong with America....
Considering how much CBS anchors do their best to blame and slander America each chance they get, no one should be surprised by Katie's statement. There is no doubt that there are bad Americans (criminals, anti-capitalist activists, troop bashers), but Katie mentions what is wrong with America....

Aparently the greatest, freest, strongest, richest, most compassionate country in the history of the planet isn't up to Katie's standards. To liberals, America is the most polluting, corrupting, overpowering, imperialist nation in the history of the planet. They won't be happy until our great country is as good as Cuba.

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