Friday, February 09, 2007

Porter becomes Pennsylvania's Al Gore Jr.

File this story under "Waaaaaah! I refuse to admit that I lost!"

Dr. Steven Porter, the two-time loser against US Representative Phil English has decided to sue English for misrepresenting what Porter wrote in his own book.

Come again?

Hat tip to The Herald (Sharon, PA).

It seems that the English campaign took quotes from "The Ethics of a Democracy" and used them against Porter. Porter claims the words don't represent what he thinks.

This isn't the first tantrum for Porter, either. After his most recent defeat, he went on a tirade against his own party for not supporting him.

Clearly, this guy is off his rocker. He was stomped twice - by margins of 20% and 10%, respectively. Also, his book title indicates that he thinks we live in a democracy, when it is clearly a republic. But when do facts stop liberals?

Although I am no Phil English fan - the guy will sell out conservative economic policy at the drop of a hat to please his union supporters - Steven Porter is very much a dangerous man. He has some viewpoints that make Hillary look like Reagan. Yeah, he's that far left.

Northwest PA has sent him packing twice. It's too bad he doesn't get it.

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