Monday, April 16, 2007

What Happened to Global Warming Hysteria?

Want to hear a good joke? Global warming!

Have you noticed how the hype about global warming has totally dropped off the media's radar? And it isn't because there is much more pressing news out there. And it isn't an accident that they have dropped the coverage.

The US is getting hit with a good dose of winter weather - and has been for over a month. It's April 16 and snowing in Western Pennsylvania. Easter Sunday was colder than Christmas.

Of course, the global warming nuts want to have it both ways. They'll claim that we've screwed up things so badly that poor, ol' Mother Nature can't get her smeg together.

Perhaps that is why I've seen that boneheaded film The Day After Tomorrow on cable all weekend.

Aren't you glad that "top" scientists have determined by "consensus" that manmade global warming is real?

I'll take common sense and wait for facts, not consensus, thank you.


Sherry said...

I agree we do not have Global Warming or anything for that matter except some idiots that have too much time on there hands and come up with crap. And we just sit like little eager puppets to hear. Come on lets get a clue and maybe think for ourselves.I get so sick of listening to the crap. I believe I have my own brain and can know it makes no sense. Al Gore there you go what a stupid useless creep.And of course lets not forget the GREAT Clintons.Not!!!!! I hope the best for our country. We are in deep crap. I hope we can survive the craziness. That the Liberals for you.

elijah said...

Someday you'll reread this post and realize you were a fool.

With this logic you'd still believe the earth was flat and that the universe isn't heliocentric.

Common sense is just another way of saying uneducated.

Rich Talbert said...

Wow...thanks for digging up an old post!

Now that I have read it...and that the winter of 2007-2008 was even colder than the winter of 2006-2007, I feel even better about my post! do know that the "experts" have had to admit that the temperature peaked in 1998, then hit a plateau, and now are going down again, right?

And you analogy shows lack of education. Global warming hystericals say "It's hot, so global warming must be true" just like the middle-age public saw the ground and said "everything around me is flat, so the Earth must be, too!"

It was the educated who applied education and common sense and said, "Let's not be hysterical...let's look at some factual evidence."

Global warming freaks were warning us of an ice age in 1980. They realized they couldn't crush US industrial might and capitalism until they changed their tune to "warming."

You'll note that when the media talks about it now, they say "climate change" not "global warming."

Rush is right...all of the Communists have made the environmental movement their new home.

Sherry said...

I stand by what I say Global Warming is crap. I am from MN and wait it is April and we just got snow.. HELLO. figure out something better to do with your time. Wait now they have the light bulb issue, jump on that. Again CRAP. I will not be told what to use or not use. We are the last time I heard not Communists