Tuesday, May 15, 2007

2007 PA Primary Election Results are in

EDIT: Looking for November 2007 Election Results? Click here!

Grove City results are in!

Council Ward One: Michael Coulter defeated Beth Cooney.

Council Ward Four will have someone on the ballot. A write-in candidate received 44 votes.

The Act 1 "We Want ALL of Your Money" school tax grab was defeated, 1840 to 909.

The "Tell a Big Enough Lie Long Enough" Alcohol Referendum passed, 802 to 727. Clearly a win, but a meager win at that. Definitely small enough to be challenged in the future. Only 1529 residents voted, and it passed by 75 votes. Clearly not a proud moment for Grove City.

2007 PA Primary Election Results can be found here.

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