Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Act One Tax Grab Goes Down in Flames

All across Mercer County, voters told Governor Rendell and greedy school boards to "shove it."

Every school district defeated Act One, the proposal to shift some of the school tax burden from property taxes to income taxes. The state government called this "tax relief," but the voters recognized it as pure bunk.

The draconian part of the proposal was that schools would be able to go after your property taxes AND your income taxes. Egads. Given the propensity of the Grove City school board to raise taxes every time someone sneezes, imagine how devastating this would be to the residents!

Voters did the right thing by shooting down this latest tax-grabbing attempt.

More news: The Herald (Sharon, PA)


Anonymous said...


Now that Act One has justifiably gone down, do you think the legislature will finally look to real, comprehensive tax reform? If so, what will be the plan? It seems as though now is the time for a real state-level leader on property tax reduction or even elimination. Will someone finally step up?

Rich Talbert said...

Good questions!

There are two root problems:
- The insane waste in school spending
- The lack of courage in state government (legislative and executive) to change the system

Property taxes are easy. Every inch of property in PA is owned by someone, so they can't just leave. Taking their money is simple.

Income is fluid, so taxing it makes things more difficult. The hoards of people who are riding the system further make taxing income difficult. Then you factor in class warfare...

School spending is crazy. They take and take from citizens with no explanation - except that "it's for the children." If you disagree, they villainize you.

There are far too few in the legislature that are interested in change. Even if there was a strong leader, there wouldn't be large enough support.

Plus we have a guv who would veto such legislation. Remember, every cure is through gambling, when it was initially meant for property taxes. Clearly, that has been a lie.

Our next governor needs to be a conservative who simply says, "Look - we are cutting taxes. Period."

No one is on the horizon that fits the bill, unless Pat Toomey commits to running.