Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Primary Election 2007

Today is Pennsylvania's primary election day.

Here are the basics with a That's Rich prospective:

- Vote "no" on the alcohol referendum. We simply don't need it and the pro-alcohol folks prove it - they have yet to prove my op-ed wrong and they continue to spread the myths. Particularly the downtown anchor restaurant myth.

- Vote against any tax changes with the school district. They are going to raise taxes every year, anyway. And if you think it's bad now, wait until those thieves get their hands on property AND income taxes!

- Don't vote for a single school board member. They are going to win since there are no opposing candidates, but don't give them the satisfaction of high vote counts. Remember - these are the folks who take more of your money each year without remorse.

- Ward One voters...vote for Michael Coulter for borough council. It's time to bring integrity to that seat. He has a boatload of education and experience - and he's a good, honest family man.


As always, I'll post the results and links to Mercer County election results as soon as they are available.

Now, go vote - it's your duty as an American!

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