Sunday, May 13, 2007

Steve Steigerwald and Jack Cline: Good Cop, Bad Cop?

The Allied News ran a double feature Allied Forum in the Saturday paper. One by Steigerwald and one by Cline. Both were pushing the pro-alcohol position.

Steigerwald offered his view of a grand vision - a flourishing Grove City, vibrant with alcohol flowing from anchor restaurants. Business booming, people having a great time - hooray, hooray.

Cline's piece was aimed at my Allied Forum piece. Well, actually, it was aimed at me. The DUI defense attorney basically called me a liar then went off tangent talking about anti-alcohol Christians being the same as Bin Laden. Really.

The interesting part of both pieces - coupled with the ad that Steigerwald took out - is that they both continue to push the myth: an alcohol-serving anchor restaurant in downtown Grove City.

With the 300-foot barrier from churches, where will this place go? Tower Church, Grace United Methodist Church, and Church at the Crossroads dominate the entire first block. Solid Rock Assembly of God is right in the middle of the second block. Ooops.

Steigerwald insists that there is his building. And he's interesting in selling his building. Well now...guess what everyone in town is discussing? People are buzzing that Steigerwald is only pushing the alcohol to sell his building. I don't know if that's true, but it's the talk of the town.

Once again, Grove City will not have control of the licenses. The power rests totally with the Liquor Control Board. Cline claims that we can sue if we don't like who gets the license. That isn't control! That's reaction.

Alcohol is not progress. Please vote "no" on the alcohol referendum. Don't let anyone force their values on Grove City's grand traditions.


Anonymous said...

The 300-foot barrier isnt an automatic thing. Instead it just means that the LCB can decide, no or yes.

From 404 of code note "in its discretion":

That in the case of any new license or the transfer of any license to a new location the board may, in its discretion, grant or refuse such new license or transfer if such place proposed to be licensed is within three hundred feet of any church, hospital, charitable institution, school, or public playground, or if such new license or transfer is applied for a place which is within two hundred feet of any other premises which is licensed by the board

Rich Talbert said...

Thanks for that info.

Of course, that makes it even more of a danger for the fiber of the town - and gives even more power to the LCB.

Want a bar next to a school? Sure! How about a church or playground? No problem!

And the town has no say...until after the fact. Then we have to waste borough resources to sue.