Monday, June 25, 2007

Grove City School Board Hikes Taxes Yet Again

Anyone surprised?

The Robert Post-Jane Rath duo has stuck it to the taxpayers again. Egads. This was expected news, as they manage to run the district into the red every year.

Read more from The Herald (Sharon, PA).

More on this later...


Anonymous said...


Rich Talbert said...

First of all, if you are going to comment:

1. Learn to spell before you insult me. Who's the moron now?
2. Turn off your caps - it's poor netiquette.

Secondly, you must love getting your taxes hiked every year. Are you a tax-and-spend liberal, too?

Thirdly, if you are going to throw down such comments, have the courage to sign your name.

Anonymous said...

hey rich you bubble headed self proclaimed demi god.
has your expenses gone up over last year.
I know my Penn Power bill has, has'nt yours? Other expenses fuel, cost of paper ect. Yes it has. If the school keeps the same mileage but does not re-assess how do they cover the increases?
WHINE all you want but increased mileage is a part of life.

Rich Talbert said...

Odd...I never remember calling myself a god.

Yes, utilities go up.

But school administration salaries have skyrocketed! Not many people get a guaranteed 4% raise each year. Don't forget about that new football field that we just had to have!

Increased mils are a way of life? For some odd reason, GC borough hasn't raised taxes in 25 years. The school board raises taxes every year!

The borough may not have as many employees or have to pay for students, but the borough has far more infrastructure and a much smaller tax base.

Combatting socialists isn't's common sense!

Yet more insults - and this time even worse grammar! You forgot to sign your name, too.

Swing and a miss. Strike two.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time you attended a school board meeting and offered some constructive advice? At lease Jason puts his face where his mouth is. You are one of those who can dish it out but unable to receive it. Get your useless ass off council and onto the school board if you think you have the answers. Otherwise shut up!

Anonymous said...

By the way,since you mentioned taxes. You raised utility bills, gave the entire borough staff raises, gave the outgoing manager a golden parachute retirement plan and probably have reduced our reserves greatly. Time you spoke the truth Richy baby!

You seem to like to speak in partial truths don't you?

Rich Talbert said...

I've gone to plenty of school board meetings, thank you. I even supported them when they voted against Act 72.

As far a utilities, you don't seem to understand the difference between a tax (involuntary siezure of money) and a service (consumption entirely up to user).

Inflation is a fact of life, yet the borough rarely ever raises rates. We're still dirt cheap compared to most of the state.

Also, reserves are meant to be used to avoid tax hikes. The water treatment plant is where most of the reserves is going.

Sounds like you could go to a couple meetings yourself - instead of sounding hypocritical by calling me out while hiding behind an anonymous moniker.

Yes, Jason has courage to put his face where his mouth is. So do I. You can find me at practically every council meeting (general and committee). Do you have that courage?