Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Grove City Revitalization Gets a Little Brighter

In case you haven't noticed, the new lights are being installed downtown. The east side lights are installed and functional and the west side lights are installed in the first block.

Check them out sometime! They sure look a lot better than the old lights.

Also, the lack of overhead lines and the new sidewalks are much better looking. You can really appreciate the beauty of the buildings downtown. Merchants are stepping up and remodelling their storefronts.

Let's face it: the lights were old units, the sidewalks were cracked and broken, and the overhead lines were terribly inefficient. Without your help, we would have replaced things with the same, ugly materials. On top of that, the street has seen much better days and was slated for repaving by PennDOT, anyway.

Thanks to those who contributed money to the revitalization project! The private money is what allowed us to beautify the downtown district.'s never too late to donate!

That's Rich Blog Update


I've made some changes to the way reader comments are posted on this blog. Comments are always welcome, but now must first be approved by yours truly before they appear online.

An "anonymous" poster (spineless coward to the rest of us) from Grove City's Tin Foil Hat Society made a vulgar comment disparaging the deaths of two local military men who had passed away.

I don't care if people attack me. Frankly, I think it's funny that people are that lonely, bored, unemployed, unelectable, etc. that they make feeble attempts to slander a person, but then have such awesome cowardice they won't even sign their names.

I won't stand for people demeaning our troops, our veterans, and especially those who have passed away.

So, if you want to comment, go right ahead.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Grove City Native (and friend) Brad Tidd Dies from Injuries from Motorcycle Accident

UPDATE: Brad's family is planning a memorial service in Grove City on August 19th at 2:00pm at North Liberty Presbyterian Church.


Brad Tidd, 34, of Parker, CO (southeast of Denver), was in a motorcycle accident on Monday. Although his initial injuries were not life threatening, a blod clot formed, leading to a stroke. Brad was on life support until Wednesday, when it was removed.

It is my understanding that the accident was not his fault.

Brad leaves behind a wife and three young children. Prayer for his family would be greatly appreciated.

I'll post more news as I'm able to find it. If you have any info or thoughts you wish to share, please leave a comment or e-mail me.

Brad and I graduated together. Since our last names were alphabetically close, we sat near each other throughout school. We spent a lot of time trying to get each other in trouble!

One time, in Joe Kilbert's junior high social studies class, we nearly succeeded. Kilbert wasn't in that day, so Brad and I switched seats and assumed each other's identities. It was fun - until Brad showed he was willing to go a lot farther than me when trying to get in trouble! Good times...

Brad was one of the few people I know who could screw around and still do well in school. If memory serves me correctly, Brad aced the SAT. Brad was also an active Boy Scout - again, if I recall, he reached Eagle rank.


More information from Brad's brother Jeremy:

As some of you may or may not know my older brother, Bradley D. Tidd, was in a motorycycle accident on Monday, July 16. He was life-flighted from the scene via Flight for Life and flown to Colorado Springs, CO. We received the call midday Monday - the one no one ever wants to get - and the plans began for us to travel to Colorado.

At that time on Monday he was awake and alert knowing everything that was going on. He had severe injuries to his neck, back, legs, and many other bones and ligaments in his body. Then later Monday night we received another disturbing call; he had had a stroke and the doctors were concerned about paralysis to the left side of his body. My mom, dad, sister, fiancee, niece, and myself got the first flight we could from Pittsburgh to Denver.

Upon arriving at the hospital midday Tuesday, we found him on full-blown life support. At this time we know he knew we were there and we spoke to him as much as we could, telling him everyone there loved him and was there by his side. By that afternoon the blood flow to his brain had been almost completely blocked and his brain was swelling.

During the night the family was again called to the hospital because his vitals were not looking the way they should. At about 12:15 p.m. that day, while we were speaking with the organ donor foundation about Brads decision to help someone else - even after he was gone, the nurses felt Brad had left us. The machines were at this point doing everything for him and we made the decision to begin the tests to see if there was any brain function left. After several tests had been conducted, we all knew Brad was in Heaven with his brother, grandfather, and grandmother.

Brad made the decision a long time ago to be an organ donor, and while I am sending this email, that process is occurring. If any of you knew Brad, you know and understand he would want this - to continue helping even if his organs were no longer in his body. We know Brad will live on - Brad will continue to help others and Brad will live on in our hearts.

I would like to thank all of you who were praying and thinking about us over the past few days. The prayers need to continue for his wife Catherine, his 3 children(Haley-5, Michael-3 and Sarah-1), his in-laws, and us. This is an awful time for all of us and we thank you again for doing what you can for us.

For anyone that is interested in showing their thoughts in any special way there is going to be a service in Colorado this Saturday, July 21. There will also be a service at home in Pennsylvania for which the details have not been set.

Parker United Methodist Church
11805 S. Pine Dr.
Parker, CO 80134


Obit info from the Denver Post (includes a guest book):

Brad Tidd, 34, of Parker passed away unexpectedly July 18, 2007. Brad received his Masters Degree from University of Denver 2003, was an avid Steeler fan and 4-wheeler enthusiast. Beloved husband of Catherine Mouton Tidd, proud father of Haley, Michael and Sarah, loving son of James and Bonnie Tidd, brother of Brenda (Mark, Jr) Petroff and Jeremy Tidd, grandson of Willard Phipps and Freda Tidd; uncle of Amanda Petroff, Brian and John Sullivan. Funeral Services Saturday, 10:30am, Parker United Methodist Church, 11805 Pine Drive in Parker. Memorial Contributions may be made to the Tidd Family Fund c/o 1st Bank, 10961 S. Parker Road, Parker, CO 80134.


Some bio information, with help from the University of Denver:

Brad was working as a Proposal Analyst for Integrated Systems and Solutions, a “business area” within Lockheed Martin Corporation. He managed the systematic development of proposals in pursuit of new business opportunities.

Brad was a 1991 graduate of Grove City Area High School. He received his BS in Astronautical Engineering from the US Air Force Academy in 1995. He graduated from the MSM program at the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver in 2003.

Prior to attending DU, Brad was stationed at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida and later at Buckley Air Force Base. His job brought him into contact with corporations such as Lockheed martin Astronautics, TRW, Raytheon, Harris Corporation, Brown and Root, Johnson Controls, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and NASA. Brad previously worked for Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company from 2000-2002 on the Atlas V program.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Secret Meeting of Grove City Elites

For two years, I’ve heard about the secret meetings - the meetings where two or so people secretly run our fair town. I have been told that Solicitor Tim Bonner and Council President George Pokrant decide the fate of all of Grove City in some secret room somewhere. Occasionally, Pokrant’s minions are allowed to attend.

I finally received the invite.

To my surprise, the meeting wasn’t in some secret bunker. The rumors made it sound like they rented space from Dick Cheney. The meeting was at the borough building – in the council chambers of all places! I suppose this fits under the old saying of “hiding in plain sight.”

Bonner, dressed like the Emperor from Star Wars, called the meeting to order by making those in attendance bow down to a golden idol of Pokrant in the shape of a gopher.

The Elites began to decide the fate of the town. It was clearly not a collaboration - Pokrant told everyone what to think. Anyone who asked a question was quickly shouted down by Bonner. In public he is normally soft spoken, but in this meeting he roared.

Mayor Randy Riddle tried to assert himself a few times, but he was reduced to the role of a puppet. He spent most of the meeting hiding under his desk.

It was a heckuva meeting, to be sure. They came up with all kinds of crazy ideas. Pokrant’s task appeared to be taking those ideas and ramming them down council’s throat. He was told by Bonner to not allow any discussion and secure votes as soon as possible. The minions heartily agreed.

At the end, all in attendance were required to pledge an oath to the Elites and not reveal anything discussed. I just felt that this was too important to keep silent. Now you have been told.

P.S. – Yes, I’m kidding. But there are a handful in town who believe this is how things go down. Really. And they all know better, but hate Pokrant and Bonner so much that they’ve basically formed the Grove City version of the Tin Foil Hat Society. Really.

What happens at council meetings? We vote on big issues - like allowing the Key Club to hold a 5K race in the park; like allowing the Strawberry Days Committee to hang a banner across a street. Once a year, we vote on a balanced budget (no tax hikes in 25 years!). The meetings are open to the public - every third Monday at 7:00. We even take questions from citizens and the media!

What happens at committee meetings? They are also open to the public. We discuss issues in greater detail.

Get involved in your borough and come to the meetings. Even if you just want to listen. Feel free to ask questions or make comments. Come see for yourself. Don't believe everything you read in the papers. Don't fall for rumors and assumptions. Come see for yourself - there is no secret society running the town.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Grove City Little League Hero Vic Hughes Passes Away

If you've ever played Little League baseball in Grove City, you have one man to thank: Vic Hughes.

Sadly, Mr. Hughes passed away at the age of 86.

Mr. Hughes was a great community member, giving young boys and girls the opportunity to play organized ball - and stay out of trouble. My brothers and I played some ball and I'm still very active in the Grove City Area Church Softball League - all thanks to Mr. Hughes.

On top of that, look at all of the great ball players that have played over the past several years, from T-ball to high school. What a great tribute to a great man.

God speed, Vic.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone had a safe, entertaining, and most importantly - a patriotic Independence Day.