Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Grove City Revitalization Gets a Little Brighter

In case you haven't noticed, the new lights are being installed downtown. The east side lights are installed and functional and the west side lights are installed in the first block.

Check them out sometime! They sure look a lot better than the old lights.

Also, the lack of overhead lines and the new sidewalks are much better looking. You can really appreciate the beauty of the buildings downtown. Merchants are stepping up and remodelling their storefronts.

Let's face it: the lights were old units, the sidewalks were cracked and broken, and the overhead lines were terribly inefficient. Without your help, we would have replaced things with the same, ugly materials. On top of that, the street has seen much better days and was slated for repaving by PennDOT, anyway.

Thanks to those who contributed money to the revitalization project! The private money is what allowed us to beautify the downtown district.'s never too late to donate!


Anonymous said...

Any reason the lights downtown Grove City were on at 12:30 pm. Noticed this after church services let out on my way through.
It was overcasted but if the lights come on every time its overcasted in GC it may be a very common event.
Seems the prudent thing would be to adjust the sensor in teh ligth fixture so that they are not coming on at noon.
Whats your thoughts?

Rich Talbert said...

Thanks for your question!

The lights have two controls: switch and photocell (light sensor). The switch overrides the photocell.

The lights were on during the day yesterday because one of the contractors left the switch on. It has been corrected.


Anonymous said...

In front of the ATM at National City Bank the sidewalk has been extended into the parking/stopping lane. It makes it very difficult to pull over to leave your car running and use the ATM. Several cars have done it anyway, pulling partially up onto the red bricks. Was that an intentional design to prevent ATM users from stopping there for 5 minutes like they have been doing for years? Whats so bad in a small town about being able to use the ATM downtown conveniently? Yes I could drive over to the National City ATM at the drive-in bank further west on Main Street (over by the high school), but its a lot further for those of us on the east side of town. I hope everyone continues to feel free to pull up on the red bricks in front of the National City ATM downtown. Maybe they'll give us that parking / standing / turning lane back someday...