Wednesday, July 25, 2007

That's Rich Blog Update


I've made some changes to the way reader comments are posted on this blog. Comments are always welcome, but now must first be approved by yours truly before they appear online.

An "anonymous" poster (spineless coward to the rest of us) from Grove City's Tin Foil Hat Society made a vulgar comment disparaging the deaths of two local military men who had passed away.

I don't care if people attack me. Frankly, I think it's funny that people are that lonely, bored, unemployed, unelectable, etc. that they make feeble attempts to slander a person, but then have such awesome cowardice they won't even sign their names.

I won't stand for people demeaning our troops, our veterans, and especially those who have passed away.

So, if you want to comment, go right ahead.

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