Thursday, August 30, 2007

Liberals: "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq?

I've noticed an interesting turn of events. Liberals, known for their ability to forget (or ignore) what they say one day - then say something totally opposite the next day, have a new tactic.

Here's the comment from a leftist troll on GrassrootsPA:
Five years ago the United States invaded the country. With in nine months the US won the war because our military men and women did an amazing job. You would think a commander in chief would be intelligent enough to know when he won. Well, that was not the case. The US did not pull back, secure the borders of Iraq and let the people sort out their government.

Well, four years later, there has been a constant fight between factions with in the Iraq civilation. The US has 170,000 troops in Iraq when the military action was completed over four years ago. So you ask, who are the US fighting, well they are fighting these two factions who are trying to kill each other while our military is stuck in the middle.

You'll note the obligatory "we love the military, too" comments that libs always tend to say. Of course, if their actions showed otherwise, they wouldn't have to say it every time they spoke!

The important line is the one I put in bold. It now seems like they are shifting to calling the war in Iraq "won." Of course, everything afterwards is Bush's fault, but that isn't new.

You'll recall how much the libs wet the bed over Bush's speech on the carrier with the "Mission Accomplished" banner. They were ruthless in their attacks, saying how the war wasn't over, how it was failing, etc. Now they are claiming it's won and over with back in 2003?

Liberals...consistently inconsistent since, well...ever.

Pssst...we're still in the Balkans. And Korea. And Germany.

Grove City High School Football Season is a Price

It's getting closer to fall. School is about to start. At that means high school football is upon us. Sports fans rejoice!

Sadly, heritage and fiscal responsibility have taken a seat at the back of the bus. The Grove City Eagles will be playing on plastic. No grass. No mud. Blasphemy! The team went to states a few years ago playing on a natural surface, so this year they should rule the world!

And it comes at a steep cost: nearly $2 million. Ouch! But don't question the school board. After all:
- It's for the children. (At this point, board president Jane Rath wipes away a tear.)
- Everyone else has a fancy field...why can't we, darn it!?! (At this point, superintendent Robert Post stomps his feet and holds his breath.)

Novel ideas for $2 million dollars:
- Return it to the taxpayers that have been raped for years by the school board. (Yeah, like that will happen.)
- Buy 4000 computers.
- Hire 25 teachers.
- Build more classrooms.
- Buy 800,000 gallons of diesel for the school buses.
- Buy 25,000 scientific calculators

Get the point how much money this is? And this is only part of the wasteful spending that goes on at the school board.

But it's for football. And the children.

Friday, August 24, 2007

More "Secret" Meetings...TFHS Takes a Pass

In the last week or so, Grove City Borough officials have had more of the so-called "secret" meetings.

- August 14, 6:00pm: Worksession at the borough building
- August 16, 6:00pm: Police/Fire Committee at the borough building
- August 20, 7:00pm: Monthly Council meeting at the borough building

No one from the public showed up, save a reporter from the Allied.

Of course, he knew about the meetings because they were advertised in the Allied! So much for "secret" meetings.

The Tin Foil Hat Society insists that these private meetings take place, but for some reason, no one knows anything about them...except for the TFHS members. Somehow they know about these meetings that ellude the rest of the town! case you were wondering, the next scheduled meeting is September 17 at 7:00pm at the borough building. Come and see your government in action. All open, no secrets.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Scott Dunn Gets 24 to 52 Years For Voluntary Manslaughter of Brandi Montgomery Dunn

Dunn was before Mercer County Common Pleas Court Judge Thomas R. Dobson today for sentencing for the brutal murder of his wife, Brandi Montgomery Dunn. The slaying took place in January 2006 in Montgomery's parent's Grove City home.

Earlier, Dunn had confessed as part of a plea bargain that the family accepted to ensure Dunn would definitely serve time.

According to The Herald (Sharon, PA):
Under Pennsylvania law, Dunn must serve the minimum sentence but with district attorney and family opposition to parole, he likely will serve the maximum.

From an additional Herald story:
Dobson sentenced Dunn to 10 to 20 years for voluntary manslaughter, 10 to 20 years for one count of arson, 40 months to 10 years for a second count of arson and 1 to 2 years for abuse of a corpse.

All sentences are to be served consecutively. Dunn was given credit for 487 days already served.

Court Montgomery said he and his wife agreed to the deal in part because they didn’t think they could handle going through a trial. Montgomery, 70, has cancer and Mrs. Montgomery needs an organ transplant, he said.

The judge went outside the standard sentencing range for the arson charge for putting rescue workers at risk. Dobson noted that telling the 911 operator someone was trapped guaranteed an aggressive response.


Misko said Dunn also received four times the amount of punishment because of his prior criminal record. On a drug binge in 1999, Dunn was involved in several burglaries, Misko said.

Dunn was also ordered to pay court costs, $11,200 restitution to Montgomery for Mrs. Dunn’s funeral and gravestone and $290,000 restitution to the Montgomery’s insurance company for the home destroyed by fire.

In exchange for Dunn’s plea, charges of first- and third-degree murder, criminal homicide and one count of arson in the case were dropped. Manslaughter means the killing wasn’t premeditated, but that Dunn meant to hurt his wife.

Epstein has said that prosecutors made the plea deal to ensure Dunn paid the price for killing Mrs. Dunn and to make sure there was no way he could possibly walk out of court a free man.

Background story about Brandi, Montgomery family from The Herald, Sharon, PA.

News story from WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh.

News story and video from WYTV-TV, Youngstown.

News story from WKBN-TV/WYFX-TV, Youngstown.

WFMJ-TV, Youngstown has a video report on its homepage.

News story from The Vindicator, Youngstown.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Grove City Names Two Landmarks

Two spots in Grove City just got a little more personal.

First, as a Boy Scout Eagle project by Thomas Nelson, a flagpole and seating area was erected at the Hunter Farm soccer complex. The work was done as a memorial to the late Dr. Ken Dunkle, who supported youth soccer in Grove City.

Secondly, the downtown park between Sun Gin's Chinese restaurant and Ward's antique store was renamed The Joe Monteleone Youth Festival Park. Mr. Monteleone generously gave $75,000 to the creation of the park, which will feature a gazebo and several sitting areas under shade trees. The park will be a focal point for downtown gatherings, such as concerts and the farmer's market.


Thankfully, the Tin Foil Hat Society didn't try to interfere with naming these landmarks after people. As you may recall, they unsuccessfully tried to block the naming of the Chestnut Street Bridge after SSG Shawn A. Graham, who was killed in behind-the scenes combat in Baghdad, Iraq. They argued that a landmark shouldn't be named after one person and that Graham didn't deserve the honor (they publicly stated that they didn't believe Graham was killed in combat). The bridge was eventually named after Graham and other veterans who died in combat.