Thursday, August 30, 2007

Grove City High School Football Season is a Price

It's getting closer to fall. School is about to start. At that means high school football is upon us. Sports fans rejoice!

Sadly, heritage and fiscal responsibility have taken a seat at the back of the bus. The Grove City Eagles will be playing on plastic. No grass. No mud. Blasphemy! The team went to states a few years ago playing on a natural surface, so this year they should rule the world!

And it comes at a steep cost: nearly $2 million. Ouch! But don't question the school board. After all:
- It's for the children. (At this point, board president Jane Rath wipes away a tear.)
- Everyone else has a fancy field...why can't we, darn it!?! (At this point, superintendent Robert Post stomps his feet and holds his breath.)

Novel ideas for $2 million dollars:
- Return it to the taxpayers that have been raped for years by the school board. (Yeah, like that will happen.)
- Buy 4000 computers.
- Hire 25 teachers.
- Build more classrooms.
- Buy 800,000 gallons of diesel for the school buses.
- Buy 25,000 scientific calculators

Get the point how much money this is? And this is only part of the wasteful spending that goes on at the school board.

But it's for football. And the children.

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