Thursday, August 02, 2007

Grove City Names Two Landmarks

Two spots in Grove City just got a little more personal.

First, as a Boy Scout Eagle project by Thomas Nelson, a flagpole and seating area was erected at the Hunter Farm soccer complex. The work was done as a memorial to the late Dr. Ken Dunkle, who supported youth soccer in Grove City.

Secondly, the downtown park between Sun Gin's Chinese restaurant and Ward's antique store was renamed The Joe Monteleone Youth Festival Park. Mr. Monteleone generously gave $75,000 to the creation of the park, which will feature a gazebo and several sitting areas under shade trees. The park will be a focal point for downtown gatherings, such as concerts and the farmer's market.


Thankfully, the Tin Foil Hat Society didn't try to interfere with naming these landmarks after people. As you may recall, they unsuccessfully tried to block the naming of the Chestnut Street Bridge after SSG Shawn A. Graham, who was killed in behind-the scenes combat in Baghdad, Iraq. They argued that a landmark shouldn't be named after one person and that Graham didn't deserve the honor (they publicly stated that they didn't believe Graham was killed in combat). The bridge was eventually named after Graham and other veterans who died in combat.

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