Thursday, August 30, 2007

Liberals: "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq?

I've noticed an interesting turn of events. Liberals, known for their ability to forget (or ignore) what they say one day - then say something totally opposite the next day, have a new tactic.

Here's the comment from a leftist troll on GrassrootsPA:
Five years ago the United States invaded the country. With in nine months the US won the war because our military men and women did an amazing job. You would think a commander in chief would be intelligent enough to know when he won. Well, that was not the case. The US did not pull back, secure the borders of Iraq and let the people sort out their government.

Well, four years later, there has been a constant fight between factions with in the Iraq civilation. The US has 170,000 troops in Iraq when the military action was completed over four years ago. So you ask, who are the US fighting, well they are fighting these two factions who are trying to kill each other while our military is stuck in the middle.

You'll note the obligatory "we love the military, too" comments that libs always tend to say. Of course, if their actions showed otherwise, they wouldn't have to say it every time they spoke!

The important line is the one I put in bold. It now seems like they are shifting to calling the war in Iraq "won." Of course, everything afterwards is Bush's fault, but that isn't new.

You'll recall how much the libs wet the bed over Bush's speech on the carrier with the "Mission Accomplished" banner. They were ruthless in their attacks, saying how the war wasn't over, how it was failing, etc. Now they are claiming it's won and over with back in 2003?

Liberals...consistently inconsistent since, well...ever.

Pssst...we're still in the Balkans. And Korea. And Germany.

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