Friday, August 24, 2007

More "Secret" Meetings...TFHS Takes a Pass

In the last week or so, Grove City Borough officials have had more of the so-called "secret" meetings.

- August 14, 6:00pm: Worksession at the borough building
- August 16, 6:00pm: Police/Fire Committee at the borough building
- August 20, 7:00pm: Monthly Council meeting at the borough building

No one from the public showed up, save a reporter from the Allied.

Of course, he knew about the meetings because they were advertised in the Allied! So much for "secret" meetings.

The Tin Foil Hat Society insists that these private meetings take place, but for some reason, no one knows anything about them...except for the TFHS members. Somehow they know about these meetings that ellude the rest of the town! case you were wondering, the next scheduled meeting is September 17 at 7:00pm at the borough building. Come and see your government in action. All open, no secrets.

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