Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering the Terror Attacks on 9/11/01

They haven't forgotten. Have you?

Another year has passed. It's hard to believe that it was so long ago, but humans (especially Americans) have short memories. Four planes: two at the World Trade Center, one at the Pentagon, and one in a Pennsylvania field, aimed for Washington DC.

Have you forgotten?

This attack was the first major campaign of the War on Terror to hit our shores. Unfortunately, it was the loss of over 3000 lives that got our attention. The terrorists of Islam have been at war with us for decades. They attacked commercial flights, they bombed military barracks, they bombed embassies. They bombed the USS Cole.

Have you forgotten?

They haven't gone away. But this time, we are fighting them on their own turf - on our terms. We brought the fight to them, in Afghanistan and Iraq. Foreign fighters are flooding into those countries to take on the US military, instead of flooding into our country.

They still want to kill us - simply for not being Islamic. They don't care if you are a Christian, a Jew, an agnostic, or an athiest. They don't care which political party you follow. They simply want you dead.

Don't forget. Support the mission. Support the troops. Period.


Anonymous said...

Have you forgotton about all the innocent American lives taken since 9/11?? We have been in a country doing NOTHING for years. Oops, we have to be over there because if we leave, Iraq is going to be absolute chaos. So lets just keep standing on the streets and getting our troops killed. I want the troops to come home so lives can be saved.

Also, Saddam was actually a stable force in the Middle East, making him an asset to the United States. Therefore, we invade his country because he was responsible for 9/11. NEWSFLASH, HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11!!!!!!

I think President Bush has been doing to much horseback riding at Camp David. Because the fact is, The people opposing this war are the ones supporting the troops because we know theres no need for us to be over there because we are accomplishing NOTHING!!!


Rich Talbert said...

Perfect example of a liberal post...

Notice how the anonymous writer sells out the troops by saying that they are doing "NOTHING" in Iraq.

Our troops:
1. Got rid of Saddam, who was ordering attacks on our troops daily while they enforced UN flyover rules.

2. Got rid of Saddam, who was killing our allies by paying huge "rewards" for suicide bombers.

3. Got rid of Saddam, who had killed over a million people of different ethnicities and political viewpoints. How many people did he have to kill before you would care? Hitler killed 6 million...if he only killed 1 million, would you call him a "stabilizing force"??

4. Got rid of Saddam, allowing women to have basic human rights in Iraq for the first time ever.

5. Got rid of Saddam, allowing schools and hospitals to be built for the common citizens.

I'm still not sure who said Saddam had anything to do with 9/11...everyone else is saying the opposite.

But, according to the 9/11 Commission report, he did allow terrorists to train there. His government did meet with al Qaida members before 9/11.

Besides, do you really think if we leave al Qaida alone that they would leave us alone? Tell that to Bill Clinton...

This is the War on Terror...not the War on the 17 Guys Who Flew The Planes. Those guys are dead already...our troops are just mopping up their buddies.

And they just happened to liberate 20 million people in the process.

Too bad you can't appreciate that through your hatred for Bush.