Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Phil English: Bush Should Tell the Terrorists Our Plans

Congressman Phil English (PA-3), known for incorrectly reading the tea leaves, has jumped on the "I'm against the war, too...please don't vote me out of office" bandwagon.

English has always been a RINO, but in this instance, he's fully jumped into liberal territory. He has introduced House Resolution 3087, which "requires the Administration to report to Congress within 60 days on the status of its planning for redeployment of U.S. troops in Iraq, and then update Congress every 90 days." (Hat tip to

Thankfully, the President has the authority (granted by the Constitution and approved by this Congress) to wage war. He doesn't need to tell Congress his blueprint for removing troops.

If Bush laid out a timeline, given their unquenchable desire for fame, Congressmen and women would then run to the nearest reporter and detail everything. the terrorists have our plans and our troops and allies are in danger.

That's brilliant...

Hypocracy alert: The next time you hear a liberal demanding withdrawal from Iraq, ask when we're going to leave the Balkans. In an election year promise, Clinton said all of the troops would be home by Christmas 1996. He won re-election and our troops are still there...policing a real civil war, not a media-fabricated one.

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