Monday, November 26, 2007

Deer Season in PA is Here!

Well, it has been here for archers.

For those who use rifles, it's time to blow up Bambi! Anyone who has nailed a deer with their car or has had vegetation destroyed by deer knows that there are way too many of them roaming around. Of course, with anti-hunting measures being passed in areas around cities, deer are flourishing to the point of being pests.

As city-dwelling do-gooders move into the "country" to get away from city life, they are seemingly too willing to drag the city life (and laws) to the country with them. They don't realize that man was created to hunt and that animals were made to feed man. After all, where do you think Applebees gets its meat?

Animal rights wacko: "How could you kill a poor, defenseless animal?"
Hunter: "Because they taste soooooo good! By the way...nice leather coat."

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