Thursday, December 18, 2008

Grove City Borough Council Cuts Property Taxes 37.5%

Since the school board never will…

GC Council reduced borough property taxes from 4 mills to 2.5 mills at its December meeting. The cut coincides with an equivalent raise in the Local Services Tax (LST). The tax shift is budget neutral; however, most property owners in the borough will see an overall decrease in their taxation.

The raise in the LST is to recoup fees from citizens who work inside the borough and enjoy police and fire protection, yet contribute little or nothing to the services.

The tax shift is yet another action by the Council to a fee-based budget, which allows residents to determine their yearly payment for borough services.

Sue Schepp Resigns from GC School Board

Schepp noted health reasons as the cause for her leaving the board. Residents will remember her eleven years of service with the following highlights:

- Taxing the daylights out of residents every year for Superintendent Post’s pet projects
- Removal of a successful and popular middle school teacher over personal issues
- Mocking residents who dared question the board during its meetings

Good luck, Sue. I sincerely hope your health is well. Sadly, you’ve left many home owners in the area on life support. But it was for the children!


If anyone in the school district area wants to be appointed to the seat, you can submit your letter of application to the school. Just don't mention the following things:

- My name
- Wasteful spending on a football field or middle school we don't need
- Balancing a budget for once
- Helping the taxpayers
- Accountability for administrators

Simply say, "I'll do anything Bob Post wants. I'll vote in lock step with his every desire."

You'll be in! Congratulations!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grove City Borough Launches Web Site!

The Technology Committee of Grove City Borough Council unveiled its Web site at last night's regular council meeting. The site ( was created to provide a way for residents and visitors to easily gather information about the borough. It features news alerts, borough information, borough contacts, political contacts, and various forms.

This is the first time the borough has had a Web site.

The recently formed Technology Committee is made up of Rich Talbert (chair), Dr. Joe Pisano, and Patrick Chapman.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Grove City Borough Council Considers Tax Shift

The Grove City Borough Council is considering a tax shift - raising the Local Services Tax (LST) to the state maximum of $52 and reducing property taxes by 1.5 mills. This shift would be budget neutral, meaning the taxation will be a one-to-one tradeoff.

The shift would remove a burden of taxation from property owners by reducing current borough millage a whopping 37.5%. The budget shortfall would be replaced by increasing the LST on those who work in the borough and earn more than $10,000 per year.

Reasoning: I believe the property tax to be an immoral tax. America is partly founded on the right to pursue private property ownership. Try not paying your taxes and see who really owns your land. If I can find a way to lower property tax, I'll do it. On top of that, consider that the Grove City Area School District will hike your taxes every chance they get. Borough residents can use some relief, especially those on fixed incomes. Besides, why should property owners be major funders of the tax system - a system that punishes them for working hard to simply own property?

Also, concerning the LST, consider that there are hundreds of people who enter the borough to work each day, who fully enjoy the services of the borough without having to pay for them. This tax simply recovers some of those funds to provide infrastructure and police/fire protection.

Ultimately, I'm not a fan of either tax, but given the choice between the two, I can understand the LST a lot more than the property tax.

Grove City Borough Prepares 2009 Budget - 27th in a Row without Tax Hike

Grove City Borough Council will review the 2009 budget at its regular council meeting tonight at 7:00. The budget, as put forward by Borough Manager Vance Oakes and the Finance Committee, is balanced and calls for no increase in taxes. There will be no spending from the reserve fund, either.

This budget marks the 27th year in which Council passed a budget without a tax increase. As drafted, property taxes will remain at 4 mills.

One mill equals $45,000.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day!

If you know someone who has served, take a moment out of your day and thank them for putting aside their lives to protect yours.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Forget about 2012...and 2010!

If we want to make fundamental changes to the Republican party and work toward a conservative agenda to sweep the Commonwealth, then we need to take our eyes off 2010 for a moment. Next year is huge.

In three months, the grassroots efforts begin. PA requires petitions to be filled out for all offices, so we must find conservatives who are willing to run for all of the municipal offices. Want to make a difference? Run for borough council or school board. Most people don't just decide to be a senator one day. They start "small" and build up to the regional, state, and federal offices.

Three months. That's all we have to find good, solid, conservative candidates. Are you on the sideline? Or do you want the ball?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

There's No Crying in Politics!

Sure, you're down and out, but we've been here before. Do you hang your head? Do you whine like a Hollywood liberal and threaten to move? No! You suck it up because America is worth the fight! We have only three months until petition time for local races...what are you going to do about it? We need to get rid of the RINOs that have destroyed the Republican party and the country. We need YOU to suck it up and get your butt on the ballot.

Remember, the ineptitude of Carter gave us the blessing of Reagan. The ineptitude of the Clintons gave us the Revolution in 1994.

Stick with it, folks. Don't allow yourself to whine today. You're an American! We have some tough fights ahead, so we need you on board. Now get to work!

The Death of the Moderate

If there is one thing that we learned in the 2008 election, it is that being a moderate is a losing position. For months, conservatives cringed every time we heard John McCain brag about working with others across the isle. We fell out of our chairs when we heard him proclaim that Democrats would serve in his administration. We gave up on McCain – until he picked Sarah Palin.

Palin gives conservatives hope. She tells us what we want to hear and she isn’t afraid to say it. She isn’t ashamed to say it. She loves America and she idolizes Reagan. Her feet are firmly planted with conservative roots.

It was picking Palin that energized the base. It was picking Palin that motivated us to pick up McCain and drag him kicking and screaming across the finish line. He did everything he could to lose the race. He avoided all of the issues that called out Obama’s credibility. He praised Democrats instead of criticizing them. He was afraid of offending them. Instead, he chose to actively offend his base. And now he’s going back to the senate.

Like Rush has always said, you’ll never find a book Great Moderates in American History. They have no core. They have no value system other than self-preservation. They have no compass. They only have a guiding inner voice that tells them that everyone simply wants to get along.

We don’t! We want to win and we want our ideas to win! We cling to the Bible, the Constitution, and our guns. We believe that the Founding Fathers were right. We believe the USA is the greatest country ever blessed by God, and we want someone who will stand up for her and her ideals. We want another Reagan.

Yet moderates flee from Reagan. They see his two landslides as flukes. After each consecutive loss, they think the answer is to run even further to the left. To rephrase Reagan, “I didn’t leave the Republican party; the Republican party left me.”

Moderates have made their bed and now they must lay in it. Unfortunately for them, it’s a death bed. Moderates, go away. We knew thee and we rejected thee.

Obama Wins

Obama defeated McCain. Here are the totals:

Popular Vote
McCain: 55,386,310
Obama: 62,443,218

Vote %
McCain: 46%
Obama: 52%

Electoral Votes
McCain: 147
Obama: 349

In other news
- English lost (one RINO down!)
- Brooks won (one RINO to go...)
- Stevenson won (YAY for conservatives!)
- Metcalfe won (YAY for conservatives!)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Massive Turnout in Grove City

Went to vote with my family at 2:15. Our ward (ward five) has 1091 registered voters, so a heavy voting day is in the low 300s. I was number 452! I've never seen numbers this high, period.

The good news: My ward is the most conservative in Grove City, which is a conservative stronghold in Pennsylvania. Let's hope that others in the "T" are showing up in droves to combat the massive fraud in Philly.

Surprise! Democrat Vote Fraud in Philadelphia


FOX: LEVENTHAL (Alleged Black Panthers Voter Intimidation)

JANE SKINNER: breaking election news, we have reports of possible voter intimidation in some way -- pennsylvania. republicans saying that two black panthers have been blocking the doorway of one polling locations. rick, what are the details on this? what are you hearing?

RICK LEVENTHAL: i do not even know where to begin, but we have reached a polling place in the city of philadelphia. one of the two black panthers who was allegedly blocking the door is standing right over here, with an accused us of intimidating voters because we were here with a camera and microphone. he did not answer questions, other people here have confirmed that another person in black panther attire was holding a night stick and apparently the concern was that they were intimidating people who were trying to go inside to vote. a republican poll observer actually called the police, the police were here and we miss them, they came and left. that person called the police is here. why don't you tell us -- step down off the curb, if you do not mind. what is going on here?

CITIZEN: we got a phone call that there was intimidation going on. i walked up to the door, two gentlemen in black panther guard, one brandishing a nightstick, standing in front of the door. they closed ranks as i walked up. i am a veteran, that does not scare me. i went inside and found full- watchers, they said they had been here for an hour -- i went inside and found poll-watchers, they said that they had said not to let people outside because black people are going to win no matter what. at that point, i spoke to him, we would not get into a fistfight, i said, and i called the police.

LEVENTHAL: the person with the nightstick was escorted away, which i just confirmed inside. but the implication is that you were telling me that the black panthers were there to intimidate white voters from coming to this location?

CITIZEN: anyone who is not going their way, i do not know. someone in front of a polling place with a nightstick, that is intimidating for all voters.

LEVENTHAL: this is the first time i have heard of black panthers being stationed outside of a polling place. the one gentleman who is still here, he is a poll-watcher?

CITIZEN: yes, and he can wear what he wants.

LEVENTHAL: the other person was not allowed to be there with a nice that?

CITIZEN: you cannot stand with a nightstick anywhere, that is a weapon. obviously, you cannot stand around with a weapon menacingly in your hand under any circumstances.

LEVENTHAL: that is situation, as far as we know it. we have heard of other incidents in the city, including voting machines breaking down. we heard of an incident not far from here where far -- all three machines broke down. people did wait, most of them. lines have dissipated. i have not made it inside yet, we had a skirmish in front of the door. apparently there is voting going on as well. at this point, apparently anyone who wants to vote here can vote here.

SKINNER: i know that they do not have enough people to man ever falling site, but as far as you understand the police have come and gone. is anyone monitoring in case someone is still hanging around?

LEVENTHAL: well there are poll watchers still standing here, we’ve been to at least a half a dozen polls around here and I haven’t seen any police officers, they don’t want a police presence to intimidate some voters, they did escort one gentleman out of here

SKINNER: It’s true in some places they don’t want police on sight, plenty going on there for you

2008 Election Predictions

Here's the That's Rich prediction list for today's election:

- Massive turnout, including 100% (or more) turnout in Democrat precincts, especially in Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Chicago
- Reports of voter fraud rampant across the country
- Democrats suing counties and towns to keep polls open so they can squeeze in the latest busload from another town
- News organizations doing all they can to "call the race" for Obama before results are in, so they can suppress voter turnout in other states

Don't let them get away with it, folks. Stay confident, stick with the plan. Vote for America.

2008 Mercer County Election Results, Pennyslvania Election Results

Here they are, folks! Here are the links to the results (links not "active" until polls close)

Mercer County Election Results by Race

Mercer County Election Results by Precinct

PA Election Results

Analysis to come...

Election Day, 2008!

For political junkies, it's a wonderful time of the year! It's time to pick a new president, among other things.

Get out and vote, folks!

Monday, November 03, 2008

The Philosophy of “Gimme”

Talker Jim Quinn described a run-in with an early-twentysomething guy, who was lamenting that his family was hurting as they tried to live on $20,000 per year. This guy was voting for Obama so that he would be given more stuff.

Quinn explained how liberty is a function – something that is used to go and do anything you want to do. Liberty is the solution for the human condition. Liberty is not going into the grocery store and having six different laundry detergents from which to choose. Liberty is having the ability to work as little or as much as you want to achieve as little or as much as you want.

Given the state of education in this country over the last couple generations, it was obvious to Quinn that this young guy was beaten down by socialism and that the American experience was a failed one. He likened it to trying to explain to a fish what “wet” means.

Here’s what every American under 40 needs to relearn: Don’t spread my wealth, spread my work ethic!

Obama or America?

Ezra Taft Benson, Secretary of Agriculture in the Eisenhower Administration said these extremely chilling words two generations ago:

“I have talked face to face with the godless communist leaders. It may surprise you to learn that I was host to Mr. Khrushchev for a half day when he visited the United States, not that I’m proud of it. I opposed his coming then, and I still feel it was a mistake to welcome this atheistic murderer as a state visitor. But, according to President Eisenhower, Khrushchev had expressed a desire to learn something of American Agriculture — and after seeing Russian agriculture I can understand why. As we talked face to face, he indicated that my grandchildren would live under communism. After assuring him that I expected to do all in my power to assure that his and all other grandchildren will live under freedom he arrogantly declared in substance:
'You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like overripe fruit into our hands.’

You may like Obama’s words. You may hate Bush. But how much hatred must you have for America and her ideals to vote for Obama – a man who has espoused Marxist philosophy?

Gut check time…where do you stand? For America or against her?

Friday, October 31, 2008

Obamabot's Most Memorable Moment


How do you ever describe someone as dillusional as this woman? Clearly you can never reason with such a pro-messiah person.

Problem 1: She thinks seeing Obama is "the most memorable moment" of her life. She says this with her kid at her side! Thanks to my wife and kids, I can think of about one thousand things more memorable than meeting any of the politicians I've come across in my life. Egads.

Problem 2: She thinks she's not going to have to pay for gas in her car or pay her mortgage again? Just because Obama wins? Oh. My. Goodness. Who in the world put this in her head? Or did she formulate this on her own? And why is there anyone in the whole country who thinks it's the job of the government to provide these things? Was she ever taught about the Constitution in school?

Problem 3: Why does anyone think Obama will take care of them when he doesn't even bother to take care of his own family members?!? He has a brother in Africa who lives in a dirt-floor hut and earns less than $12 per year. He has an illegal alien aunt who lives in a slum in Boston. How hard would it be to take care of these family members - or at least give them a little bit of Obama's millions? But he wants to take other people's money and spread the wealth...

Do you need any more proof that you need to get out and vote for McCain, simply to keep Obama out of the White House?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Cold Truth about Obama Supporters

Cold truth time. Are you ready for it? If not, click away. If so, read on.

If you support Obama, you fall into one of two categories:

The Ignorant

You love what he says. He makes you feel good. He gives you hope. You also ignore everything about his past. Your feelings for him are so strong that you simply don’t care that he’s a Marxist or that he’s friends with anti-American, anti-Israeli terrorists. You don't care that he had a anti-American, bigot pastor for 20 years. All that matters is that you feel good now.

Maybe you don’t like Bush. Maybe you just hope that things will be better with Obama. You want change, but fail to realize that change can be very bad. Either way, you simply don’t care to know about who Obama is.

The Marxists

Whether you are willing to admit it or not, you hate American capitalism. You want the "evil rich" to be punished. You love the idea of government control of the markets, of healthcare, and of the day-to-day operations of life. You think it isn’t fair that there are rich and poor. Everyone should be the same, regardless of circumstances. Collectivism is very important to you; individual achievement is very disgusting to you. You think that those who are rich are "lucky" and those who are not are "unfortunate." You think those who work hard should support those who do not.

You might even think that the Soviet Union would have worked if Reagan and Thatcher didn’t get in the way. You are attracted to the "enlightened" thinking of European socialists and dream of having their structure here. Government is your god.


There are subtle variations, but they all boil down to these two. Where do you fit?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Happened to Global Warming, Part 354

Yes, we know man-made global warming is a fluke. Our "high point" was in 1998 and we've actually dropped since then.

Anyway - back to the point of this post. It snowed in Grove City today. It isn't even Halloween yet!

If you hear a politician talking about the need to do something about global warming, scream at the TV, then hide your assets. Obama and McCain are both dunderheads on this one. Thank goodness Palin is sane...

And I saw a voter's guide in the paper the other day and Kathy Dahlkemper (Dem running against Phil English in PA-3) said that global warming was real. Oh, boy. Is this what we have for the next two years? Hey, Kate - do a little research before talking next time.

2008 Presidential Voter’s Guide

Hey, Folks...

The silly season is winding down, so for all of the "undecided" voters out there, I put together a handy-dandy voter's guide to help you through the election.

No smarmy spin - just a smack upside the head with the truth.

McCain: Republican
Obama: Democrat

McCain: Moderate Socialist
Obama: Communist

VP Pick
McCain: Palin
Obama: Biden

McCain: Consistently pro-life
Obama: Vigorously supported infanticide

McCain: Cherished, solid
Obama: Charter of negative rights; flawed

Court Picks
McCain: Constitutionalists
Obama: Socioeconomical reconstructionalists

McCain: Pro-vouchers
Obama: Anti-vouchers

McCain: Build nuke plants
Obama: Eliminate energy production

Gay Marriage
McCain: Against
Obama: For

McCain: Pro-second amendment
Obama: Anti-second amendment

McCain: Father (Navy Admiral)
Obama: Willian Ayers (domestic terrorist)

McCain: Proud supporter
Obama: Accuses troops of bombing civilians

Military Budget
McCain: Always supports military
Obama: Vows to gut military

Military Service
McCain: Navy pilot in Vietnam
Obama: Militant vote fraud participant with ACORN

McCain: Drill, baby, drill
Obama: Block all drilling

McCain: Always praises country
Obama: Refuses to say Pledge of Allegience

McCain: Christian
Obama: Radical black liberation theology

McCain: Anti-Fairness Doctrine
Obama: Pro-Fairness Doctrine

McCain: Cuts taxes on tax payers
Obama: Hikes taxes, redistribute wealth

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dems vs. McCain/Palin, Dems vs. Terrorists

Here's something to ponder as we near the election:

What if the Democrats were as bent on destroying the terrorists as they are toward McCain/Palin?

Do you think our troops would be home from Iraq enjoying the summer with their families? Dang straight they would.

Compare the hatred, the vitriol, the massive amount of time spent trying to destroy a war hero and a conservative woman versus how they go after the terrorists that attack our troops and allies daily.

One more thing to ponder: When will conservative Democrats realize that their party has long left them? When will they listen to speeches from JFK and realize how Republican he sounds?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Economic Turmoil 101 - An Easy-to-Follow Guide for Market Uncertainty

Neal Boortz has written a brilliant article to help everyday shlubs like myself understand the "economic crisis" that's currently being blown out of proportion to help Obama.

Remember: If it's bad news for America, it's good news for liberals!

Here's a good chunk of the article:

OK .. so we all know that a lot of really bad real estate loans were made. The political class would sure love for us to believe that the blame here rests squarely on “greedy” (try to define that word) mortgage brokers and lenders. The truth is that most of the blame rests on political meddling in the credit decisions of these mortgage lenders.

Twenty years ago the buzz-word in the media was “redlining.” Newspapers across the country were filled with hard-hitting investigative reports about evil and racist mortgage lenders refusing to make real estate loans to various minorities and to applicants who lived in lower-income neighborhoods. There I was closing these loans in the afternoons, and in the mornings offering a counter-argument on the radio to these absurd “redlining” claims. Frankly, the claims that evil mortgage lenders were systematically denying loans to blacks and other minorities were a lot sexier on the radio than my claims that when credit histories, job stability, loan-to-value ratios and income levels were considered there was no evident racial discrimination.

Political correctness won the day. Washington made it clear to banks and other lending institutions that if they did not do something .. and fast .. to bring more minorities and low-income Americans into the world of home ownership there would be a heavy price to pay. Congress set up processes (Research the Community Redevelopment Act) whereby community activist groups and organizers could effectively stop a bank’s efforts to grow if that bank didn’t make loans to unqualified borrowers. Enter, stage left, the “subprime” mortgage. These lenders knew that a very high percentage of these loans would turn to garbage – but it was a price that had to be paid if the bank was to expand and grow. We should note that among the community groups browbeating banks into making these bad loans was an outfit called ACORN. There is one certain presidential candidate that did a lot of community organizing for ACORN. I won’t mention his name so as to avoid politicizing this column.

These garbage loans to unqualified borrowers were then bundled up and sold. The expectation was that the loans would be eventually paid off when rising home values led some borrowers to access their equity through re-financing and others to sell and move on up the ladder. Oops.

Right now this crisis is being sold to the American public by the left as evidence the failure of the free market and capitalism. Not so. What we’re seeing is the inevitable result of political interference in free market economics.
The lesson? Capitalism good, government bad. Government interference in capitalism really, really bad.

Read the entire article here.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tri-County Clears DEP Hurdle for Grove City Trash Mountain

Hat Tip to The Herald (Sharon, PA):

Tri-County offered up a new plan to keep birds that could pose a danger to airplanes at the nearby Grove City Airport away from the trash being buried, DEP said in a news release.

That plan, which includes a professional bird watcher and fireworks, satisfied the agency’s objections to the company’s latest attempt to re-open the landfill in Liberty and Pine townships outside Grove City, DEP said.

The state’s decision doesn’t mean the landfill can re-open. It closes out the first phase of approval, the permit review, and allows Tri-County to seek a technical review of the landfill plan by DEP, the agency said.

I think everyone understands that garbage has to be placed somewhere. What I think is so confusing is why anyone would want to make a trash mountain so close to a town. Why would anyone want to place a trash mountain in an area that has become a tourist destination? Why would anyone want to place a trash mountain in the flight path of a growing airport?

We’ve worked very hard the last three years to build up Grove City Regional Airport. It may be small, but it receives thousands of flights per year. We receive propeller and jet aircraft and we are only expanding. We now have STATMedivac based there – and it has already become its busiest hub.

I’m skeptical of their plans to keep birds away from the mountain. The DEP may be satisfied, but I imagine the FAA may want to take a closer look.

A trash mountain simply isn’t good for our area. It’s terrible for tourism and it’s terrible for the health of the citizens as well as the safety of those who use our airport.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Terrorist Attacks, Seven Years Later

Has it really been seven years? I still remember the day - when I was sitting in an office building in the flight path of the Pittsburgh Airport. I remember scanning news sites around the globe because the Web sites of American media were being slammed by others looking for any bit of news. I remember the eerieness of an empty sky. Working next to the airport, there were always planes in the air, but at that time the sky was totally vacant. I remember coworkers crying or sitting in stunned disbelief.

I remember the seething anger. I remember a president, transformed by a single event. I remember a country that was unified for about a day or two - before liberals turned it into an opportunity to bash the president, the troops, and the country.

We call it "September 11" or "9-11" when we talk about it, but make no mistake, it's more than just a date. We were attacked by terrorists. Islamic terrorists. For political correctness, we don't even mention that. If we do, we strive to make sure that people know we are talking only about extreme radicals. Yet I remember the footage from the streets in the middle east. Men, women, and children were dancing, cheering, and handing out candies when they heard of the attack. We aren't talking about a few wackos when we say Islamic terrorists. We're talking about millions of muslims around the world and in our own country.

We are justified when we take a second look at the muslim in the airport, on the bus, or in the delivery van. We've seen the action and the reaction of the muslim population. We've also seen the inaction. We've heard about how most muslims love America, yet we've never seen the "Muslims for Peace" or "Muslims for America" rallies. When was the last time you saw a "Muslims for the Troops" rally?

Yes, there are lots of muslims - most of them American - who do love this country. There are many who serve in our communities and our military. That's a really good thing. But we cannot forget our enemy. And it isn't the granny in a wheelchair that's getting frisked at the airport.

Seven years later and we still haven't learned. We're looking for weapons so we don't upset anyone. Isralies look for terrorists. Huge difference. Perhaps we'll learn someday.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How the Looney Left view Conservatives

I'm not making this up! The resident troll (crybaby and whiner, to boot) on GrassrootsPA has given his manifesto of how he views conservatives. It's so bent and twisted...but hey, would you expect any different from a full-blown communist?

Just for fun, I left all of the spelling and grammatical errors. This clown claims to have multiple degrees!

Without further adieu, here's the list:

Explain to me how this is living in reality:

1) wing nuts want to shelter their children from any social interaction by home schooling them and keeping them out of the public.
2) wing nuts want to teach teenagers only certain issues relating to sex, while ignoring the reality that it will be a part of their lives.
3) wing nuts demonize sex and scar that part of their childrens lives forever.
4) wing nuts feel that Sadam and Iraq had something to do with 911
5) wing nuts say they are pro-life, but give littel thought or concern about 170,000 troops fighting in a country that was not a threat to our country
6) wing nuts now love to nation build and do so with our tax dollars
7) wing nuts now feel that the military is not there to protect our home land, but build brings and schools in a foreign land, even though they do not like us or want us there
8) wing nuts feel it is ok for the government to force an innocent family into certain life and death medical decisions
9) wing nuts support an administration that inherited one trillion dollars in surplus, only to create a 3 trillion dollar deficit in seven years. (that is a 4 trillion dollar turn aroud)
10) wing nut are only pro-life when the fetus is maintained in the womb
Yeah, I know. He's wrong ten times in a row. But that is how the twisted mind of a leftist works! Keep in mind that many of us on GrassrootsPA have tried to correct them, but he keeps spouting the same lies over and over and over and over. Just yesterday, he made a comment about Bush outing Valerie Plame! There's what...about seven people on the planet who still believe that one?

And on several occasions, he has implied that our troops are not really Americans and deserve to be attacked. Then he tries to say he supports the troops... Huh?

Conservatives, meet the mind of the left! Oh...and he's an Obama supporter. Surprised? I didn't think so.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

June 6, 2008: Proof of Global Warming

Get ready, folks.

We had a cold winter. We have been experiencing a cool spring. But that will change tomorrow. It's supposed to be in the low 90s tomorrow, which means one thing: breathless reporting of global warming.

Count on it.

Of course, the global warming boneheads have been totally silent through the winter and most of the spring because if they spoke up, people would have laughed them back into their cubicles.

They've been waiting for the first hot day...and tomorrow will be it. Get laugh at the farce.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

EcoGeeks get all the Girls - Really?

According to a story on the Yahoo! Green site, girls would rather go for the "man" in the enviro-friendly car. From the story:
  • Nearly 9 in 10 women (88 percent) say they'd rather chat up someone who owns the latest fuel-efficient car versus the latest sports car.
  • Eighty percent of American car buyers would find someone with the latest fuel-efficient car more interesting to talk to at a party than someone with the latest sports car.
  • More than 4 out of 10 (45 percent) 18- to 43-year-olds say it's a fashion faux pas nowadays to have a car that's not green or environmentally friendly.

Riiiiiiight. Where do these people live? San Francisco? Manhattan?

Let's be honest...brutally honest. Women want men, not snively little boys. You can't tell me that real women can't wait to land a hunk driving a Prius.

Hey, men! Want to turn the heads of the ladies? Buy a Jeep Wrangler. Put big tires on it. Get it muddy. Not that I'm looking (happily married, ladies...sorry), but women stare at the Jeep all of the time. And the namby-pamby women run screaming from it - but you're looking for a real woman anyway!

And it's a gas-sucking pig...especially with the big tires. I might get 15mpg on the highway if I'm puttering down the Interstate - with a tail wind. Hey, someone has to make up for all of that gas the hybrids are saving!

Chicks dig a real man-mobile.

Hey, ladies! This works in reverse, too! Want to land a manly man? Do the same thing. My wife needed to drive my Jeep the other day. I had her Jeep Grand Cherokee to haul my drums (a very manly instrument, by the way). My Jeep had fresh mud on it and she wheeled it over to the Sears store. She said she can't ever recall getting so many looks by men since she was 20.

A Prius? Come on...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Grove City Borough Code Available Online!

Interested in the borough code? It's now available online up to the December 2007 revisions.

Enjoy! (Clicky-clicky)

Mercer County Schools Weigh in on Taxes

Grove City: Up 2 mills

Mercer: Up 2.6 mills

Reynolds: No hike!

Greenville: No hike!

Hermitage: No hike!

Lakeview: No hike!

West Middlesex: No hike! According to the Grove City School Board and Superintendent Robert Post, energy costs are to blame for the hike (yeah, they play that card every year).

Hat tip to The Herald (Sharon, PA):

In Reynolds:

No tax increase is needed because of the excellent stewardship of the district’s business office, budget committee and others who contributed to keeping costs down, Superintendent Maddox B. Stokes said after the

It’s also time to give a break to taxpayers, who have seen increased property taxes over the last several years, said Beverly Morrison, chairwoman of the budget and finance committee.

In Greenville:

Taxes are expected to remain at 55.86 mills because the district’s staff and administration worked hard to keep costs down, Dennis Webber, chairman of the budget committee, said Wednesday.

In Hermitage:

Superintendent Karen A. Ionta said she does not want to raise taxes just to raise taxes.

Can you imagine hearing those words from our current "leadership" in the Grove City School District? I can't either.

Why make tough decisions when you can steal from an apathetic, non-voting neighbor?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blood Drive for Grove City Marine on Sunday, May 18

Alert for That's Rich readers...

Lance Corporal Michael K. Dagres is in need of your help. In November 2006 he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which has since spread to his lungs, esophagus, and brain.

Michael received a stem cell transplant in April 2008, which required many blood transfusions. He will need more transfusions in the future.

Please consider donating blood to replenish the supply for Mike and other patients like him. Here are the details:

Blood drive
Masonic Lodge
1340 W. Main St.
Grove City, PA 16127

Sunday, May 18, 2008
9:00am to 3:00pm

Grove City School Superintendent Bob Post Hikes Taxes Again

Yup. Grab your ankles. Bob Post is back.

He's raising your taxes (with the generous support of the Grove City School Board) by two mills. In all fairness, it's only a 1.99-mill hike, but when you are stealing money from your neighbors, what's the difference?

The geniuses at the school district think it takes 53.49 mills to run the school. Of course, they blame it on rising fuel and energy costs.

Of course, since the citizens continue to elect the board, they rule with impunity.

Oddly, the borough council has figured out how to run the entire borough of Grove City on four mills. Perhaps the folks at the school could stop by for a tutoring session on how to balance a budget. Or how to say "no" to a spending hike...

In case you forgot, the borough hasn't raised taxes in 26 years. I think it has been 26 years since the school district passed a balanced budget. Perhaps a member of the local media can ask at the next meeting...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Scott Dunn Appeals Arson Sentencing

Hat tip to The Herald (Sharon, PA):

In Dunn’s appeal, Stephen M. Misko of Butler said Dobson incorrectly exceeded sentencing guidelines on one of the arson charges and should have merged the arson charges — one dealing with endangering firefighters and one dealing with property — into a single count for sentencing.

Misko claimed Dobson focused too much on the beating and fire, and not enough on Dunn’s character, criminal history, rehabilitation needs and his plea, which relieved the district attorney’s office and Ms. Dunn’s family from having to go through a trial.

Misko also alleged Dobson was trying to “soothe the public, placate the family and provide support for the DA’s plea agreement” over Dunn being allowed to plea to voluntary manslaughter. Misko referred to “negative editorials in local newspapers criticizing the District Attorney.”

Egads. Won't this guy just go away? He should be thankful he's alive and just do his time.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Snow. In Western PA. This Morning.


Al Gore, you couldn't be more of a clown. But, as we all know, the first 90-degree day, you'll be spouting off about global warming, even though your "scientists" have had to admit that temperatures peaked in 1998 and have held steady. And they actually dropped in 2007.

Fool. No wonder you won't ever debate anyone. No wonder your fraudulent film "An Inconvenient Truth" is mandated in the UK to have a disclaimer before it is shown because it is so full of garbage.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mercer County and Pennsylvania 2008 Primary Election Results

Here they are, folks!

Mercer County Election Results by Race

Mercer County Election Results by Precinct

PA Election Results

At the time of this post, the full results aren't in yet.

Analysis to come...

PA-3 Primary Election - Vote for Change?

Ugh. What a poor time to be an American in PA-3.

Republicans have one choice: Phil English. Yeesh. He's a RINO of the first order. Sure, he's pro-gun and pro-life and even pro-tax cut, but he's a big, big spender. And he just tag-teamed with Liberals to expand government benefits to the unemployed.

Democrats have plenty of choices, but they all want to radically expand goverment. Yup, they all favor national healthcare. What a brilliant way to cripple the economy and destroy the best healthcare system in the world! Anyone who calls themselves an American should flee from all four Dem candidates and their financial irresponsibility.

So, who is left? one, really. You're screwed either way when the general election comes in November. It's just a matter of degree. Do you prefer being screwed or really screwed?

I might just write in my own name. At least I will know I'm voting for a conservative.

Democrat Dilemma in the PA Primary

I feel badly for my conservative-to-moderate Democrat friends. You really don't have much of a choice today, do you?

The primary system has created a situation where you can pick a socialist or Marxist to lead your party.


Of course, in the general election, you'll have the choice of McCain, who is at best 65% conservative. Hillary is only 5% conservative and Obama is...well...0%.

I love the election season. It's one of my holidays...

Primary Election Day in PA!

Get your butt to the polls and vote!

I know, if you're a conservative, there isn't much to do today...especially in Mercer County.

But there is one major reason to vote today. Well, two... First, it is your civic duty.

Second, the Mercer County Republican Party needs you! Grove City Borough Council President George Pokrant is running for state committee. The current structure has only delivered RINO after RINO after RINO. As a result, the GOP has been beaten election after election after election.

Want conservative candidates in Mercer County? Vote Pokrant!

And for my liberal readers, vote Hillary! I predict that she'll win by 12, so I need your help!

As always, here are the links for the PA primary election and results:

Republican candidates

Democrat/Socialist candidates

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Inside Hillary’s PA Campaign

A friend of mine decided she wanted to work for Hillary’s campaign (yes, I have liberal friends). She was bristling with energy and giddiness to work for a candidate whom she admired. She couldn’t wait to be part of a team shaping the direction of Pennsylvanian politics.

Until she arrived at work.

For two weeks, she ran the campaign in Western PA by herself. She worked from 9:00am until midnight, every day, seven days a week. She made around 600 phone calls per day. Blah.

Then came the professional staffers – the ones who worked Hillary’s campaign in other states. They were battle hardened and they showed it. They were the meanest people my friend had ever met and they treated everyone like garbage.

“Everything you heard about that campaign is true,” my friend noted. It’s low on money, it’s unorganized, and it’s in shambles.

And the kicker? My friend had her wallet stolen from inside the headquarters. Yup, from a fellow Hillary supporter. Ouch.

That was enough and my friend went running back to her former job, which was still there for her.

The result? She’s no longer a Hillary fan. She isn’t voting for Obama, either – just like we’ve been hearing from survey organizations.

Now that she’s out of the lion’s den of politics, my friend seems happier now.

If she becomes conservative, then she’ll be much happier.

Tax Day is Here!

This is the one day of the year when Americans get a basic grasp on how much the government seizes from them. They forget about it the other 354 days, though.

What's worse - if they get money back, they think they somehow "won" or "screwed the government."

The dirty secret (which shouldn't be a secret, but economics education is so bad in this country) is that the money you get back was seized by the government at a time you could have used it, then they return it WITHOUT INTEREST!

In other words, you lost...especially when you consider all of the waste that comes out of government. Now who is the one who got screwed?

Happy Tax Day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Grove City Water Advisory Lifted

The water advisory for Grove City has been lifted!

As expected, the DEP has tested our water and has found it to be totally safe. There is no need to boil water (not that there ever was a need).

Although it isn't possible to prove that the initial lab screwed up, I think it's safe to say that something wasn't handled properly. There were four towns in recent weeks that got pinged by this lab - prompting the DEP to step in.

Grove City has been exonerated.

Go ahead and drink up! (Grove City water, that is...)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Grove City Water Boil Advisory

ATTENTION: Update - The water advisory has been lifted! Click here for more details...


Yes, it's true...there is a water boil advisory for Grove City. This is not a mandate. You are not required to boil water. This is an advisory that if you wish to be on the safe side, you may opt to boil the water.

Here's the deal:

Routine testing found traces of total coliform bacteria. This bacteria is a naturally occurring bacteria that is not harmful. It is used as an indicator to find fecal coliform bacteria. As you can guess, fecal coliform bacteria is caused by sewage in the water.

Tests for fecal coliform bacteria were negative. There are no traces of fecal coliform bacteria in Grove City's water. This would trigger a water boil mandate.

To play it safe, we have also increased our levels of disinfectant used at the water treatment plant.

The DEP has stepped in and will be testing Grove City's water and the results should be back on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Grove City has also hired a different lab to test the water.

It is my expectation that the results from the DEP and the lab will be negative of all types of bacteria. It is my opinion that the current lab has made an error.

I'm comfortable drinking the water. We put out the notice so you can make your own determination.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tips for Shrillary

Now that the freak show (Democrat primary) is rolling into Pennsylvania, it's time for some That's Rich commentary. While I love watching Dems tear each other apart on a scale unseen since the 1968 Dem convention in Chicago, I do have some fear for this country.

Hillary would be a nightmare is she became president. Tax hikes and boneheaded programs would be the new game in the White House. But...and it's a big one (no pun intended)...with her negative ratings, congress could keep her in check. And that wouldn't be hard since Hillary is all about one thing: Hillary. She's a power whore. She wants to live in the mansion and fly on Air Force One.

On the other hand, Obama would be disasterous for this country. He's the most socialist person to ever run for the presidency and his extreme-left views, coupled with his total lack of understanding of politics (local, national, and global) would cripple the United States.

If Hillary was smart (HA!) she’d go after Hussein bin Obama on several points, not just energy policy:
- Experience: Clearly, he has none. She doesn’t have much, but she has more than him.
- Terrorism: Obama wants to bomb allies. Moron. Obviously, you work with them. Al Qaida is in the UK - does he support bombing them, too? What about the sleeper cells and terrorist mosques in the US? Bomb them?
- Iraq: Obama has always been against Iraq. Just like all good liberals, he doesn’t care that Hussein attacked our troops daily and funded suicide bombers who killed our allies. That’s good enough reason for me to take him out, but liberals like Obama love their terrorists!
- Defense: Obama has already proclaimed that he'd cripple our nuclear capabilities - effectively giving nutcases (*cough* Iran *cough*) the green light to push forward with their nukes.
- Patriotism: Obama has had a privileged life, but he and his wife are embarrassed to be Americans. Michelle Obama let that slip the other week. You mean to tell me that they've never been proud of their country until now?
- Abortion: Hillary could score big here…she can remain pro-choice but take the higher road and blast Obama’s pro-infanticide history.
- Tolerance: Yeah, Ferraro made some bold statements lately, but Obama’s pastor and spiritual advisor is clearly a USA-hating racemonger. Obama’s response was tepid at best, and it only came after he got caught. How in the world can a man keep his children in a “church” like that for 20 years???? Unless he shares those views…

“Change” isn’t always a good thing…especially when it is based around a inexperienced, cowardly, baby-killing racist.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Firefighter Brad Holmes Funeral and Procession Information

Funeral home visitation will be held at the Cunningham Funeral Home at 306 Bessemer Ave., Grove City, PA 16127 Mercer County, at the following times: 2-4 p.m. and 6-9 p.m. Friday.

There will be a Fire Fighter Memorial Service also on Friday at Cunningham Funeral Home at 7 p.m. Fire Departments wishing to send representatives to the Fire Fighter Memorial Services should assemble at the Fellowship Community Church at 309 North Broad St., Grove City, PA 16127, no later than 6:15 p.m. Participants will proceed via group foot procession to the funeral home (4 blocks).

Fire departments wishing to send representatives to the funeral on March 8 should arrive at the Grove City College Physical Learning Center (PLC) no later than 12 p.m. on Saturday.

Departments sending apparatus are requested to call Mercer County Department of Public Safety at 724-662-6100 ext. 2440 with number of units and personnel.

Brad, 21, is survived by his parents, Joseph and Debbie Holmes, a brother Christopher Holmes, and his fiancée, Alisha Graham.

If you are coming, please carpool and come early.

We're estimating 2000-3000 people coming to our town (GC only has 8000 people) and at least 200 fire trucks. We're busy working out the logistics...

Fire trucks will line up on Madison Ave behind GCC. They will continue down Madison to Lincoln Ave, then line up on Lincoln going west toward Broad St.

The procession will go along Madison to East Main St, heading west. It will then turn north onto Broad St and continue through downtown. At College Ave will be two ladder trucks with their ladders raised in salute hoisting an American flag. Once down Broad, the trucks will continue out of town. The local trucks will pull into the cemetary for a private service and the out-of-town trucks will continue to I-80 for dispersal.

I'm not a member of the fire community, but it is awe-inspiring from my "fly-on-the-wall" view. It is sad, but impressive to see the way they all hold up each other in their time of need.

Many thanks to the other firefighters from around the region who came to the station as backup to allow the VFW to go to the hospital. Also, thanks to the firefighters who just came to support the family. The city of Pittsburgh always had a representative at the hospital. Kudos to them.

A memorial fund has been established at the Northwest Savings Bank at 200 S. Center St., Grove City, PA 16127. Donations can be sent to: Firefighter Brad Holmes Memorial Fund.

Donations can also be made to the Grove City Foundation, 209 West Pine St, Grove City, 16127. GC Wal-Mart is accepting donations, too.

Also, for the people who lost their possessions, The Larry Smith Donation Fund and the Patty Dilley Donation Fund have been set up at Citizens Bank. Donations may be made at any Citizens Bank branch.

I'd also like to publicly thank all of the businesses in the area that have rallied around the VFW. Lots of companies have been donating food to all of the visitors from around the region. I don't want to try to name them - I'm sure I'll forget some.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Grove City Area Firefighter Dies from Injuries in the Line of Duty


I just wanted to pass on some sad news in my neck of the woods. On Friday, there was a fire in the borough of Grove City. One woman died in the fire and two firefighters were injured. One is okay with minor burns. The other died this morning at 5:55 in Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh.

The fighter was Brad Holmes of the Pine Township VFD. He was only 21. He was a senior at Slippery Rock University.

Please pray for the family – they are reeling at this time. Not only did they lose Brad, but Brad’s grandfather coincidentally died of heart failure on Friday.

I know there are some first responders that read my blog. As soon as I hear any funeral arrangements, I’ll be sure to pass them on.

Also pray for the others affected by the fire. The house was a duplex: a man and his girlfriend (the one who died) on one side, and a woman and her young child on the other side. They lost everything.

Different funds are being set up around town to aid all of the victims.

Thanks for your support.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Al Gore, Where Are Youuuuuuuuuuuu?

Record low temperatures, snow in Mississippi...

Even Punxy Phil predicted more winter!

We sure could use some of that global warming garbage. Have you noticed that Al can't be found? Of course, he doesn't have any credibility left, so maybe he should start talking. All of that hot air might help us thaw out!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Greetings! No, I Haven't Been Hiding...

Sorry for being absent, folks. I've been quite swamped - full-time marriage, family, work...and school. That's right. I'm working on becoming Dr. Rich. I have approximately 10,000 pages of reading each semester, as well as research papers. Oy!

I know there's a ton of stuff going on, so I'll try to post when I can.

Until then, check back when you can, do lots of reading, stay informed, and THINK!

Oh...and vote conservative!