Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Grove City Water Advisory Lifted

The water advisory for Grove City has been lifted!

As expected, the DEP has tested our water and has found it to be totally safe. There is no need to boil water (not that there ever was a need).

Although it isn't possible to prove that the initial lab screwed up, I think it's safe to say that something wasn't handled properly. There were four towns in recent weeks that got pinged by this lab - prompting the DEP to step in.

Grove City has been exonerated.

Go ahead and drink up! (Grove City water, that is...)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Grove City Water Boil Advisory

ATTENTION: Update - The water advisory has been lifted! Click here for more details...


Yes, it's true...there is a water boil advisory for Grove City. This is not a mandate. You are not required to boil water. This is an advisory that if you wish to be on the safe side, you may opt to boil the water.

Here's the deal:

Routine testing found traces of total coliform bacteria. This bacteria is a naturally occurring bacteria that is not harmful. It is used as an indicator to find fecal coliform bacteria. As you can guess, fecal coliform bacteria is caused by sewage in the water.

Tests for fecal coliform bacteria were negative. There are no traces of fecal coliform bacteria in Grove City's water. This would trigger a water boil mandate.

To play it safe, we have also increased our levels of disinfectant used at the water treatment plant.

The DEP has stepped in and will be testing Grove City's water and the results should be back on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Grove City has also hired a different lab to test the water.

It is my expectation that the results from the DEP and the lab will be negative of all types of bacteria. It is my opinion that the current lab has made an error.

I'm comfortable drinking the water. We put out the notice so you can make your own determination.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tips for Shrillary

Now that the freak show (Democrat primary) is rolling into Pennsylvania, it's time for some That's Rich commentary. While I love watching Dems tear each other apart on a scale unseen since the 1968 Dem convention in Chicago, I do have some fear for this country.

Hillary would be a nightmare is she became president. Tax hikes and boneheaded programs would be the new game in the White House. But...and it's a big one (no pun intended)...with her negative ratings, congress could keep her in check. And that wouldn't be hard since Hillary is all about one thing: Hillary. She's a power whore. She wants to live in the mansion and fly on Air Force One.

On the other hand, Obama would be disasterous for this country. He's the most socialist person to ever run for the presidency and his extreme-left views, coupled with his total lack of understanding of politics (local, national, and global) would cripple the United States.

If Hillary was smart (HA!) she’d go after Hussein bin Obama on several points, not just energy policy:
- Experience: Clearly, he has none. She doesn’t have much, but she has more than him.
- Terrorism: Obama wants to bomb allies. Moron. Obviously, you work with them. Al Qaida is in the UK - does he support bombing them, too? What about the sleeper cells and terrorist mosques in the US? Bomb them?
- Iraq: Obama has always been against Iraq. Just like all good liberals, he doesn’t care that Hussein attacked our troops daily and funded suicide bombers who killed our allies. That’s good enough reason for me to take him out, but liberals like Obama love their terrorists!
- Defense: Obama has already proclaimed that he'd cripple our nuclear capabilities - effectively giving nutcases (*cough* Iran *cough*) the green light to push forward with their nukes.
- Patriotism: Obama has had a privileged life, but he and his wife are embarrassed to be Americans. Michelle Obama let that slip the other week. You mean to tell me that they've never been proud of their country until now?
- Abortion: Hillary could score big here…she can remain pro-choice but take the higher road and blast Obama’s pro-infanticide history.
- Tolerance: Yeah, Ferraro made some bold statements lately, but Obama’s pastor and spiritual advisor is clearly a USA-hating racemonger. Obama’s response was tepid at best, and it only came after he got caught. How in the world can a man keep his children in a “church” like that for 20 years???? Unless he shares those views…

“Change” isn’t always a good thing…especially when it is based around a inexperienced, cowardly, baby-killing racist.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Firefighter Brad Holmes Funeral and Procession Information

Funeral home visitation will be held at the Cunningham Funeral Home at 306 Bessemer Ave., Grove City, PA 16127 Mercer County, at the following times: 2-4 p.m. and 6-9 p.m. Friday.

There will be a Fire Fighter Memorial Service also on Friday at Cunningham Funeral Home at 7 p.m. Fire Departments wishing to send representatives to the Fire Fighter Memorial Services should assemble at the Fellowship Community Church at 309 North Broad St., Grove City, PA 16127, no later than 6:15 p.m. Participants will proceed via group foot procession to the funeral home (4 blocks).

Fire departments wishing to send representatives to the funeral on March 8 should arrive at the Grove City College Physical Learning Center (PLC) no later than 12 p.m. on Saturday.

Departments sending apparatus are requested to call Mercer County Department of Public Safety at 724-662-6100 ext. 2440 with number of units and personnel.

Brad, 21, is survived by his parents, Joseph and Debbie Holmes, a brother Christopher Holmes, and his fiancée, Alisha Graham.

If you are coming, please carpool and come early.

We're estimating 2000-3000 people coming to our town (GC only has 8000 people) and at least 200 fire trucks. We're busy working out the logistics...

Fire trucks will line up on Madison Ave behind GCC. They will continue down Madison to Lincoln Ave, then line up on Lincoln going west toward Broad St.

The procession will go along Madison to East Main St, heading west. It will then turn north onto Broad St and continue through downtown. At College Ave will be two ladder trucks with their ladders raised in salute hoisting an American flag. Once down Broad, the trucks will continue out of town. The local trucks will pull into the cemetary for a private service and the out-of-town trucks will continue to I-80 for dispersal.

I'm not a member of the fire community, but it is awe-inspiring from my "fly-on-the-wall" view. It is sad, but impressive to see the way they all hold up each other in their time of need.

Many thanks to the other firefighters from around the region who came to the station as backup to allow the VFW to go to the hospital. Also, thanks to the firefighters who just came to support the family. The city of Pittsburgh always had a representative at the hospital. Kudos to them.

A memorial fund has been established at the Northwest Savings Bank at 200 S. Center St., Grove City, PA 16127. Donations can be sent to: Firefighter Brad Holmes Memorial Fund.

Donations can also be made to the Grove City Foundation, 209 West Pine St, Grove City, 16127. GC Wal-Mart is accepting donations, too.

Also, for the people who lost their possessions, The Larry Smith Donation Fund and the Patty Dilley Donation Fund have been set up at Citizens Bank. Donations may be made at any Citizens Bank branch.

I'd also like to publicly thank all of the businesses in the area that have rallied around the VFW. Lots of companies have been donating food to all of the visitors from around the region. I don't want to try to name them - I'm sure I'll forget some.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Grove City Area Firefighter Dies from Injuries in the Line of Duty


I just wanted to pass on some sad news in my neck of the woods. On Friday, there was a fire in the borough of Grove City. One woman died in the fire and two firefighters were injured. One is okay with minor burns. The other died this morning at 5:55 in Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh.

The fighter was Brad Holmes of the Pine Township VFD. He was only 21. He was a senior at Slippery Rock University.

Please pray for the family – they are reeling at this time. Not only did they lose Brad, but Brad’s grandfather coincidentally died of heart failure on Friday.

I know there are some first responders that read my blog. As soon as I hear any funeral arrangements, I’ll be sure to pass them on.

Also pray for the others affected by the fire. The house was a duplex: a man and his girlfriend (the one who died) on one side, and a woman and her young child on the other side. They lost everything.

Different funds are being set up around town to aid all of the victims.

Thanks for your support.