Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Grove City Water Advisory Lifted

The water advisory for Grove City has been lifted!

As expected, the DEP has tested our water and has found it to be totally safe. There is no need to boil water (not that there ever was a need).

Although it isn't possible to prove that the initial lab screwed up, I think it's safe to say that something wasn't handled properly. There were four towns in recent weeks that got pinged by this lab - prompting the DEP to step in.

Grove City has been exonerated.

Go ahead and drink up! (Grove City water, that is...)


Anonymous said...

There indeed was a need to be cautious of this advisory. Now I of course I cannot vouch for the testing and doubt that we will get a truthful explanation of the testing process. What I can definitely vouch for are the symptoms that I am currently still experiencing. Since late Wednesday night I have developed excessive diarrhea, stomach cramps and nausea. So far I have had to miss two work days. The facts that I have read all attribute my symptoms to these coliform bacteria. I am not elderly and of course not an infant. My immune system would be defined as above average, but unfortunately I still managed to become ill. If one is not accustomed to drinking GC water then there is no way to build immunity to it. I always filter my drinking water and sometimes drink it if I am out an an eating establishment.
I felt the need to write this comment and hope that no one else has to experience illness as the symptoms are very unpleasant.

Rich Talbert said...

Sorry to hear about your health - but, as I can attest, the stomach virus bug is going around. That's most likely your culprit.

Your symptoms would be attributable to fecal coliform bacteria, of which none was ever discovered in the Grove City water supply.

And as the DEP test verified, the advisory was most likely triggered by lab error. One person I spoke with did not have a high regard for our former lab and the qualification of their water testing staff.