Monday, March 17, 2008

Grove City Water Boil Advisory

ATTENTION: Update - The water advisory has been lifted! Click here for more details...


Yes, it's true...there is a water boil advisory for Grove City. This is not a mandate. You are not required to boil water. This is an advisory that if you wish to be on the safe side, you may opt to boil the water.

Here's the deal:

Routine testing found traces of total coliform bacteria. This bacteria is a naturally occurring bacteria that is not harmful. It is used as an indicator to find fecal coliform bacteria. As you can guess, fecal coliform bacteria is caused by sewage in the water.

Tests for fecal coliform bacteria were negative. There are no traces of fecal coliform bacteria in Grove City's water. This would trigger a water boil mandate.

To play it safe, we have also increased our levels of disinfectant used at the water treatment plant.

The DEP has stepped in and will be testing Grove City's water and the results should be back on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Grove City has also hired a different lab to test the water.

It is my expectation that the results from the DEP and the lab will be negative of all types of bacteria. It is my opinion that the current lab has made an error.

I'm comfortable drinking the water. We put out the notice so you can make your own determination.

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D. Dean said...

Thank you so much Rich for giving out accurate information about this. The rumors are flying and most of the panicky reports I have heard repeated have the details wrong or incomplete.