Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tips for Shrillary

Now that the freak show (Democrat primary) is rolling into Pennsylvania, it's time for some That's Rich commentary. While I love watching Dems tear each other apart on a scale unseen since the 1968 Dem convention in Chicago, I do have some fear for this country.

Hillary would be a nightmare is she became president. Tax hikes and boneheaded programs would be the new game in the White House. But...and it's a big one (no pun intended)...with her negative ratings, congress could keep her in check. And that wouldn't be hard since Hillary is all about one thing: Hillary. She's a power whore. She wants to live in the mansion and fly on Air Force One.

On the other hand, Obama would be disasterous for this country. He's the most socialist person to ever run for the presidency and his extreme-left views, coupled with his total lack of understanding of politics (local, national, and global) would cripple the United States.

If Hillary was smart (HA!) she’d go after Hussein bin Obama on several points, not just energy policy:
- Experience: Clearly, he has none. She doesn’t have much, but she has more than him.
- Terrorism: Obama wants to bomb allies. Moron. Obviously, you work with them. Al Qaida is in the UK - does he support bombing them, too? What about the sleeper cells and terrorist mosques in the US? Bomb them?
- Iraq: Obama has always been against Iraq. Just like all good liberals, he doesn’t care that Hussein attacked our troops daily and funded suicide bombers who killed our allies. That’s good enough reason for me to take him out, but liberals like Obama love their terrorists!
- Defense: Obama has already proclaimed that he'd cripple our nuclear capabilities - effectively giving nutcases (*cough* Iran *cough*) the green light to push forward with their nukes.
- Patriotism: Obama has had a privileged life, but he and his wife are embarrassed to be Americans. Michelle Obama let that slip the other week. You mean to tell me that they've never been proud of their country until now?
- Abortion: Hillary could score big here…she can remain pro-choice but take the higher road and blast Obama’s pro-infanticide history.
- Tolerance: Yeah, Ferraro made some bold statements lately, but Obama’s pastor and spiritual advisor is clearly a USA-hating racemonger. Obama’s response was tepid at best, and it only came after he got caught. How in the world can a man keep his children in a “church” like that for 20 years???? Unless he shares those views…

“Change” isn’t always a good thing…especially when it is based around a inexperienced, cowardly, baby-killing racist.

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Pauli said...

Abortion: Hillary could score big here... she can remain pro-choice but take the higher road and blast Obama’s pro-infanticide history.

One would think. But she won't do it. Why not? To paraphrase Darth Vader, "Do not underestimate the power of the pro-abort lobby."