Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Snow. In Western PA. This Morning.


Al Gore, you couldn't be more of a clown. But, as we all know, the first 90-degree day, you'll be spouting off about global warming, even though your "scientists" have had to admit that temperatures peaked in 1998 and have held steady. And they actually dropped in 2007.

Fool. No wonder you won't ever debate anyone. No wonder your fraudulent film "An Inconvenient Truth" is mandated in the UK to have a disclaimer before it is shown because it is so full of garbage.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mercer County and Pennsylvania 2008 Primary Election Results

Here they are, folks!

Mercer County Election Results by Race

Mercer County Election Results by Precinct

PA Election Results

At the time of this post, the full results aren't in yet.

Analysis to come...

PA-3 Primary Election - Vote for Change?

Ugh. What a poor time to be an American in PA-3.

Republicans have one choice: Phil English. Yeesh. He's a RINO of the first order. Sure, he's pro-gun and pro-life and even pro-tax cut, but he's a big, big spender. And he just tag-teamed with Liberals to expand government benefits to the unemployed.

Democrats have plenty of choices, but they all want to radically expand goverment. Yup, they all favor national healthcare. What a brilliant way to cripple the economy and destroy the best healthcare system in the world! Anyone who calls themselves an American should flee from all four Dem candidates and their financial irresponsibility.

So, who is left? one, really. You're screwed either way when the general election comes in November. It's just a matter of degree. Do you prefer being screwed or really screwed?

I might just write in my own name. At least I will know I'm voting for a conservative.

Democrat Dilemma in the PA Primary

I feel badly for my conservative-to-moderate Democrat friends. You really don't have much of a choice today, do you?

The primary system has created a situation where you can pick a socialist or Marxist to lead your party.


Of course, in the general election, you'll have the choice of McCain, who is at best 65% conservative. Hillary is only 5% conservative and Obama is...well...0%.

I love the election season. It's one of my holidays...

Primary Election Day in PA!

Get your butt to the polls and vote!

I know, if you're a conservative, there isn't much to do today...especially in Mercer County.

But there is one major reason to vote today. Well, two... First, it is your civic duty.

Second, the Mercer County Republican Party needs you! Grove City Borough Council President George Pokrant is running for state committee. The current structure has only delivered RINO after RINO after RINO. As a result, the GOP has been beaten election after election after election.

Want conservative candidates in Mercer County? Vote Pokrant!

And for my liberal readers, vote Hillary! I predict that she'll win by 12, so I need your help!

As always, here are the links for the PA primary election and results:

Republican candidates

Democrat/Socialist candidates

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Inside Hillary’s PA Campaign

A friend of mine decided she wanted to work for Hillary’s campaign (yes, I have liberal friends). She was bristling with energy and giddiness to work for a candidate whom she admired. She couldn’t wait to be part of a team shaping the direction of Pennsylvanian politics.

Until she arrived at work.

For two weeks, she ran the campaign in Western PA by herself. She worked from 9:00am until midnight, every day, seven days a week. She made around 600 phone calls per day. Blah.

Then came the professional staffers – the ones who worked Hillary’s campaign in other states. They were battle hardened and they showed it. They were the meanest people my friend had ever met and they treated everyone like garbage.

“Everything you heard about that campaign is true,” my friend noted. It’s low on money, it’s unorganized, and it’s in shambles.

And the kicker? My friend had her wallet stolen from inside the headquarters. Yup, from a fellow Hillary supporter. Ouch.

That was enough and my friend went running back to her former job, which was still there for her.

The result? She’s no longer a Hillary fan. She isn’t voting for Obama, either – just like we’ve been hearing from survey organizations.

Now that she’s out of the lion’s den of politics, my friend seems happier now.

If she becomes conservative, then she’ll be much happier.

Tax Day is Here!

This is the one day of the year when Americans get a basic grasp on how much the government seizes from them. They forget about it the other 354 days, though.

What's worse - if they get money back, they think they somehow "won" or "screwed the government."

The dirty secret (which shouldn't be a secret, but economics education is so bad in this country) is that the money you get back was seized by the government at a time you could have used it, then they return it WITHOUT INTEREST!

In other words, you lost...especially when you consider all of the waste that comes out of government. Now who is the one who got screwed?

Happy Tax Day!